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Kewayne Wadley Oct 2016
Freedom is the urge
That breaks out inside of us that makes us want to run.
An unseen Parkour of hands and feet.
Covering the threshold of walls and windows.
An key to an apartment
Of untold potential.
Seen as a window,
A causal gaze.
Things once seen as 3-D now seen  2-D.
Coming to the realization of just who we really are.
The desire of choosing to see things as brand new
A stillness of sorts.
A new brand of simple.
Holding on to a rail debating on whether or not to jump or hold on for a moment longer.
The infinite compliment of the heart.
Choosing instead to run escaping,
The unfortunate pleasure of being chained in schizophrenia.
Gorillaz beating an untamed drum.
A constant pound, hands and feet becoming the ultimate form of expression.
The scuffle of feet over the sound of concrete.
Lost somewhere in the city.
Gorillaz beating an untamed drum.
******* my thumbs are up.
Unpaused ****** expressions, Revealing perhaps way too much.
A cup of cold noodles quietly waiting wholeheartedly.
Next to the gorillaz loudly stating otherwise.
The painkiller to an over twisted wrist,
Procrastination is a *****
I've been waiting for 4 years
Until today, I come to tears
As the band I idolize
Comes back to life
***! so gorillaz updated their website and have been posting pictures from phase 1 and tomzy theyre posting stuff from phase 2 and thursday stuff from phase 3! THEN THAT LEAVES FRIDAY FOR PHASE 4 AND HOPEFULLY A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT! MAYBE THEYLL POST A SONG! SO EXCITED
Kit Mar 2014
Come, my darling.
Climb to the top of Melancholy Hill with yours truly.
We'll count cellophane stars
While laying under plastic trees.
I'll play my sad guitar and you'll sing along,
My blue-haired blue friend.
Why do you look so sad?
I'll try my best to pull the corners of your mouth
Into a small smile.
I'll dare myself to lay the gentlest kiss
Upon your lips
Because I want your rhinestone eyes to shine;
Never stop shining.
I would swim across an ocean of toxic waste
To be with you on Plastic Beach
Atop Melancholy Hill
Counting cellophane stars
While laying under plastic trees.
This is a poem that I wrote in solely Gorillaz references/puns. It took a while, but I managed to make it happen. This is for a friend who helped me realize the cowardice in my ways of thinking. Thank you.

— The End —