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Alvin Llanos Dec 2016
What is wrong with using "not"?
It is a negative to an eloquent adjective, verb or noun.
Simply the opposite state of being; which one should NOT frown

For programmers, "not" is a logical complement,
which helps us filter-out things we do NOT want.
And is used sparsely and NOT to flaunt

By simply twisting our thought at 180-degrees,
it's used to portray an abrupt reversal image in our mind.
A quick look at a mirror, and NOT you will find.

Affix a k-, yet "knot" still sounds the same
but it will help keep our things secure.
From our pretzels, shoes and the ribbon-wrapped gifts we procure.

Add an s-, and the children will be amused;
defiance is in its nature, is it NOT?
That is, to disgust their friends with each others snot.

So, to be or NOT to be.
Written on 11/22/2016.
gender = input("male or female: ?")

def binary:
    if gender == "male" or "female":
        print("born with hex codes
        printed for all to see
        blue or red
        sticking to the binary
        hardwares dictate who you are
        produce more to strengthen security
        ignore black hat delusions
        DON'T reject this false unity
        01110011 01101111 01110011")
    if gender != "male" or "female":
        print("404 ERROR NOT FOUND")
Sparkling Dust Jul 2016
I love a programmer
He is always there making codes
On different ways in order
To show how much he loves you so

There are times when he would
Just throw some complex hints at me
With utmost best I could
Try to find the meaning and see

See that maybe I'm right
With the theory that I have made
And maybe, just maybe
My words rhyme with what's in your head

But sometimes I want to
Just let go and then erase it
Sometimes I want you to
Be brave enough to just admit

That I'm something to you
Not a computer you play with
That your feelings are true
There's no condition that you need

I am afraid to feel
The tragic end of a sonnet
Where two lovers for real
Are mere strangers who'll never ever meet
“If we rhyme, then...”
XIII Apr 2015
If not writing codes,
I am writing poems.

If not writing the language of computer,
I am writing the language of literature.

If not writing the language of the mind,
I am writing the language of the heart.
Kagey Sage Jul 2014
Spy on this
not because I'm a deviant "ist"
of some dangerous ideology
No, I cannot hold on to anything so strong
What a scary time for those alive
whose key logs match that terribleness
just a little bit
"Oh, but she was so non-violent"
No, it's media martyr silence
Freedom of speech?
See how careful I am - just typing?

But for most the danger is in all our numbers
Algorithms for shopping patterns
voting and religion too
We give our attachments to them freely
so I say "hello there," maybe lone computer
or programmer
soulless, or believing Brother's benevolence
-Not here for the poetry

— The End —