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The Untold May 29
I can't reignite it
    I can't go back
         I only sit helplessly
             Waiting for your return
                  Then I'll be a shadow
An art in your heart.
It will be easier to let go by then.
The Untold May 29
You are a student of science
I am a student of art and science.
Space is art,
Space is science.
It's illusion -
But -
When you want to get back to earth
I'll be long gone-
a supernovae
Maybe I'll be venus to strike your morning sky,
And just maybe I'll be lucky enough to see you wake up with her in your arms.
Once it's gone, it's gone.
  May 14 The Untold
Caleb Kyme
I just had a dream
She gave me the kiss
That changed my life.
I can still feel it on my lips
The Untold Feb 28
We loved so hard
dreamed too much
I felt our souls connect-
in the deepest parts of the ocean
we were drowning,
Faces white,
we struggled to breathe...
Held on tight until our hands turned red
We knew we'd fail,
as we did in our past lives,
as we will in our next.
And the fishes stared,
waiting to eat our carcasses,
We'd done this before,
We knew how it ends but we did it anyway,
I was luna, maybe you were my astral twin.
I'm going crazy because I'll write so much with very deep and hidden meaning 😭
The Untold Oct 2020
There is zero emotion in your eyes
the way we cuddle,
makes my heart warm.
When I think of loving you -
my heart ceases to beat,
I realise I am only here
because I'm scared to be alone,
scared to love.
And so are you.
Late night thoughts.
The Untold Oct 2020
I can see a star
from my window
Lonely -
Speaking to me.
He says he knows all I've lost,
why I shut my doors.
He's been here for long,
he sees your dreams every night.
And he says I look familiar -
He saw me in your dream,
He sees me now.
And that made me stop listening,
start smiling.
But when I looked again,
he wasn't outside my window.
Whether it was a desperate dream
or real,
I hope he comes tomorrow,
to tell me if we had found love,
Or we were dying.
Because I need my alive or dead,
I am a twinkling lonely star.
Off the cuff.
The Untold Sep 2020
Everything I touch dies
Everything I see fades away
Everything I smell chokes me
Everything I hear hurts me
Everything I love
doesn't exist.
I've been alone.
Off the cuff
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