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Feb 5 · 312
No Evil
michael Feb 5
Nothing happened
See no evil

Its not our fight
Hear no evil

What can we do?
Speak no evil

History will judge
Our inaction
Jan 15 · 210
michael Jan 15
Patter on down friend!
Leave no patch unclaimed.

Patter down friend!
Anew this ground.

Patter down!
Join the swell.
Jun 2020 · 68
michael Jun 2020
What went cold,
In the book,
That we wrote?

What young spark
Did we lose

I n  t h e   t i d e

O  f     t  h  a  t    w  i  n -
t  e  r  y    y  o  u  t  h  ?
Jun 2020 · 904
michael Jun 2020
I am here
I am here
I am here

and that is enough.
Jun 2020 · 125
michael Jun 2020
A cold swell tempers rage
To the dark it dies, fades.
Cry, sigh, a moon ray tries
To show that up against
Such stoic age, no man
Can claim he's free of sin.
Jun 2020 · 149
"Gentle Giant"
michael Jun 2020
I won't have you howl,
"Gentle giant". They ask how,
I stand, your let down.
Jun 2020 · 162
michael Jun 2020
Rain drops shell station road
Hurst turns point thirty three
Degrees north-west-west. See,
The quiet stones ahead

Lower the lead scarred flesh,
The soul of this marred son,
Into the dirt it laboured.

How many times should
Gorgythion's root-stem
Lose its petal-wreathed head?
Jun 2020 · 343
Black dog, bad dog.
michael Jun 2020
How many days lost,
In bed? Black dog by the door.
Bad dog, no breakfast.
Jun 2020 · 579
They Can't Heal
michael Jun 2020
They can't heal
When our shame
Lines these roads

They can't heal
When our guides
Aid, abet
And confuse

They can't heal
With our past.
Its power,
We still feel

They can't heal
When we tame
This shared pain.
Jun 2020 · 97
The Look
michael Jun 2020
Smoke from across the room
A half-hidden smile, a glint of flame,
Soft lips mouthing, saying "**** no"
Jun 2020 · 206
michael Jun 2020
What can I not deliver you?
My left behind red leaky drum,
Last drop of water; rouge-hue.

Can love withstand a roof alone,
With no four walls, no chapel safe?
Jun 2020 · 215
Contemporary Rant
michael Jun 2020
We spend our days watching, by the hour,
The Kardashians in their ivory tower

Fifty-one million one can make,
And yet from the poor we continue to take.

With another tape, they could make more
Here men are, paying, preaching; “she’s a *****!”

Punter, performer; why is only one disallowed?
Sexes sin equally; Mz Davidson would be so proud

But a role model she is! Some also bark.
What about Wu Zetian, Zenobia, Joan of Arc?

They are lost, not as important as ingot
Instead we’ll recall Weinstein, bigot.

Stories of their tweets dominate the BBC
But where is the plight of the LEDC?
Jun 2020 · 181
michael Jun 2020
Around time scarred columns,
Sun bleached waves swell.
No songs or poems
Can say
What these weathered walls tell.
Jun 2020 · 642
michael Jun 2020
A dancing mist
Ripping, shredding
Let wall meet fist
Jun 2020 · 115
michael Jun 2020
Brothers blood on your arms
Coward’s salt on your cheeks
Heavy head in your hands

With such weapons of war
No Greek bones should litter
These flooded dunes of Mars

And still, rouge stained boys clog
That one final river
Gather on the bank. See
The line of Troys that burn

— The End —