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Michael Cassio Jul 2015
The first time I saw you,
Standing up on stage,
Your gentle protruderence beckoned,
I yearned for your girth.
Standing alongside one Michael Cassio.
A Florentine.
My eyes could not escape.
I disregarded my A1 in English,
All I wanted was the D.
Poem about an unnamed performance of "Othello" at an undisclosed time
Michael Cassio Jul 2015
You. You engulfe me. Over and over and over.

Relentless. Little weapon. Poxy.

Maureen of Blackpool. Readers' Wife of the Year 1988. Wife of the Year. 100% correct.

Goodbye sweet princess. The 4 in 1 will no longer taste of pure Korma. But

Michael Cassio Sep 2015
Spice may entice a not-so-nice chunder
Nay twice, nay thrice, an undoubted blunder?
As he threw - as He did chew - we all foresaw calamity
Then we knew - as He did spew -
This is ******* hilarity
Inspired by the experiences of one Fenton four times after consuming the prophetic 'spice bag' and spewing on the majority of wetherspoons in dun laoghaire (four whole times). Also he was sober.
Michael Cassio Jul 2015
Qu'est-ce que vous êtes,
Je vois vos yeux,
Dans le nuit.

Mon seul ami.
Ma belle copine,
Vous êtes ma vie.

La poesie de mes contanporaires.
Je le respire,
Je lire, ça me tue.
C'est ma vie.
Sit Down. Stand Up. (Snakes and ladders)
Michael Cassio Jul 2015
Egbert: my best friend
What secrets do you hide
In the glowing warmth of your orb?

You hung from the ceiling,
Allowed us to roll a

When darkness beckoned,
You illuminated. One euphoric conflagration of immense joy.

You remain with us.
When others approached
You welcomed. Yet,
You remained loyal.
You will remain loyal

You've taken me this far, now
Take me
All the way to Kochstraße.
Inspired by an unnamed egg at an undisclosed location
Michael Cassio Jul 2015
Unbeknowst to all,
The tree of life has three stages.
Trunk. Branch. Oil.
Terrence Malick knew this.
Dinosaurs our oil.

Ten sephira. One oil.
It is my burden of dreams, I shall prevail through the pongo del muerto.
Foucault's pendulum spilling sand. Spilling oil.

Scaoil. Release. Urchar.
Sraith pictiúr a ceathar.
Airborne toxic event.
Seepage Daniel. Seepage.
Put Oil.
Michael Cassio Jul 2015
Bag-drop. Check-in.
Hyphenated. Two syllables.
Security. A fat Scottish man,
A gentle caress of the inner thigh.
I retch violently.
Boarding, disembarking.
All I want in life is the back door.
My experiences in terminal two
Michael Cassio Jul 2015
O’Silky smooth ballsac
Stuck to my leg
Ever-presence defines manhood
As tree defines fruit
And as fruit defines tree.

Ne'er such a sense
Overwhelmed my hot-spot
As this dangling (oval, skin and nerves of)
Oily pouch

I cream.

A line as destructive
As the San Andreas
Fault- O divine chafe
You reduce me
You erode me

As if we rented *******
Inspires by some none too pleasant chafage that I experienced on rental bikes in Berlin and Amsterdam.
Michael Cassio Jul 2015
As we glide
An incessant Kush
Softens the grind

Can I Sense your Soft Surface? Or
Is it merely a reflection through this
Quasi-chequered construction?

I long to see as you see me:
A dangling *******
Encompassed by a wide,
Gasping mouth

Gargling sac

I will see you
On the next train
Inspired by a recent experience on an unknown train at an undisclosed location
Michael Cassio Aug 2015
Above me is

And above Jesus
Michael Cassio Jul 2015

What are you? Are you mine? Or that visual image of one solipsist?

I often wonder of that ****** sense. I shall believe for now -


One and their life experience shall determine my opinion on this most gentle subject.

I do not mean to offend. You see, I do not mean to offend. But I have to.

Inspired by one trip to Biarritz.

— The End —