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Danielle Jun 2018
It’s so dumb and not really the point.
I wish, I wish, I wish,
I could force you to choke on it.
With every verbal message you spew,
The more the realization that the sparkle and shine,
Was just a shackle of the basest iron.
One that you released me from yourself.
I wish, I wish, I wish,
I could force you to choke on it.
It’s so dumb and not really the point.
There are always those things that turn out to be that last straw that makes a person snap, and often it's just little things that ultimately don't matter all that much. Other then they're the things that bring us closer to...something.
Sally A Bayan Sep 2016

~...i'm balancing ~...~...~
~...~...~ wading on cool
~...~...~...serene waters
...~...~...preparing douse,

.....a volcano,
...burning fervidly...
it musn't spew
..........its brew.  


Copyright September 17, 2016
Rosalia Rosario A. Bayan
***once, an angry bird...***
Michael Cassio Sep 2015
Spice may entice a not-so-nice chunder
Nay twice, nay thrice, an undoubted blunder?
As he threw - as He did chew - we all foresaw calamity
Then we knew - as He did spew -
This is ******* hilarity
Inspired by the experiences of one Fenton four times after consuming the prophetic 'spice bag' and spewing on the majority of wetherspoons in dun laoghaire (four whole times). Also he was sober.
I ate all the stars last night
every single one
Then I had a comet cone for dessert
Now I have starburn
and I'm burping up rays of light
that sunburn my throat

The comet cone was too sugary
So I let it spew away
Now I have to learn
all the new constellations
And of course
it's all Confucius
Maria Cordero Jun 2015
I'd hate to be. The unlucky one. I spew all over. A whole rainbow of letters. Roy G Biv, baby. Get it?  Because I've held back for. Too long. Held in. Too much. There will be nothing left. I'll tear you down. Drag you to Hades with me. It won't be peaches and cream. Like Persephone. It'll be ugly. Disgusting. Unclean. Mean. I've bit my tongue for too long. Tasted too much blood. Nursed too many scars. When the day comes. No one will be okay. All souls disconnected. Minds altered. And if you stick around. For some more...God rest your soul

— The End —