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Jun 2018
When the world is all but the blackest of night
And the sky is starless and you can’t feel the light
When you feel crushed and it’s more than you can take
Try to remember that morning will break
The sun still shines

When hope seems all but gone to dust
Your life destroyed by thieves, moths and rust
Suffocated slowly by sin and shame
And you have none but yourself to blame
Look toward the horizon and see
The sun still shines

The sun still shines in spite of our fault
Remaining constant and steady it does not halt
The sun still shines even if we block it’s radiance
On our bad days the sun still shines it’s kindly countenance
The sun still shines

Let my light be the sun that still shines for you
That you too may shine for another
Let my light shine both pure and true
May it connect us as sister and brother
And remember: the sun still shines

When you wake in the morning for another new day
Give thanks and praise to God and say:
The sun still shines and warms the ground
This wonderful world in which I am found
With one word he made it so the sun still shines

When you rest your head in your nice warm bed
And dream sweet dreams of joyful scenes
As you drift away to soft sweet surrender
His might is great, His love is tender
The sun still shines

In faith, we know, the sun will shine again
We have confidence when we say Amen
Somehow we know the sun will shine once more
And it is something I hold deep in my core
The sun still shines

And when the sun does shine it’s last
I pray we will be in a place so vast
That even in our darkness the Son still shines
And in Heaven above we are washed in the light of love
So for now and always the sun still shines
Written by
ShowYouLove  United States
(United States)   
     Alexa Gaskill and Lyss
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