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May 2019 · 79
Random ramblings
Liquid Gold May 2019
Have you ever thought about how life can flip a switch on you out of nowhere?
You're going through the motions of an everyday struggle when suddenly, you feel an unknown power surging through your veins.

Blood pumping, heart rate jumping.
Your eyes already open but the veil of lies being lifted cleared up your vision.
Your ears always hear what's going on but now you can actually listen to both the inner and outer world with high quality audio.

Your nose knows the smell of life, the fragrance of balance. The sillage of revelation lingers in the air.
Your tongue twisting as it tastes the torture of wasting time, only to be stilled by a warm cup of productivity.
Your touch being missed by the one person who promised never to touch you again.

Sensitivity in today's world is a touchy subject.
PC culture is dominating topics of discussion.
When did the world decide to start policing people's thoughts?
The very thing that makes us individuals.
Unique creatures.

It's worrying that people are being villified for tweets from the past.
Birds of prey lurking on the timeline, ready to catch their prey slipping with a bad tweet from 1984.
As if a person can't change.
If we don't believe a person can change from the poor decisions or ill advised thoughts they shared with the world from a few years ago, we might as well just give up now then.

No point in self improvement, you're always gonna be the same regardless.
It doesn't make sense to me.
If our thoughts were on display at all times, there would be a lot more people being "cancelled" according to society right now.
Or would cancel culture cancel itself out by cancelling the cancellers?

Putting together letters to form a word.
Putting together words to form a sentence.
Putting together ideologies passed down from your parents, subliminal messaging from media, businesses, the government and your life experiences to form a thought.
None of these should be as problematic in the world as they are today.

Especially words.
Words are powerful but what type of power they have depends on you.
Choose words wisely when speaking, it matters.
Don't let words targeted towards you affect your emotions, that leaves room open for you to be manipulated.
Write to your hearts content, pour your soul over the page.
Feedback is appreciated
May 2019 · 111
Liquid Gold May 2019
Visualising the better life I want to have
On a beach in Turks & Caicos having a laugh
Jolly moments sweeter than a lollipop
Popping up in pop up shops, shopping till we drop

Drop the top off the vehicle, a headless spider chilling, cooler than an icicle
4 wheels instead of 2, 'raris over bicycles
A fraction of the enjoyment I see ahead of me
To manifest the life I want, I visualise it vividly

Frozen hearts warming up with the heat of love
A metaphor for the comfort obtained from wearing gloves
Drive away the vampires with a garlic clove
Representing the bad energy I reject from below

The things I think of when I'm not subject to sobriety include the higher ups destroying our sense of individuality
Moulding people to adhere to the rules in society
Working towards uniformity, abolishing variety

Wisdom is a value I aspire to master
Part of my recipe to avoid disaster
Next on the list is demerara sugar, not caster
Brown like CeCe Winans, singing about a box that's alabaster

Carving her voice into the melody of the song
Serenity surrounds the sound sharper than a prong
Hitting the high notes, higher than hitting a ****
Lyrics that speak to your soul making you feel like you can do no wrong

I went on a tangent, curved away from manifestation
That's what happens when your mind and pen have a miscommunication
At least I had the foresight to have the realisation
Brought to me by honing my skills of divination

Back on track to attack the matter at hand
Manifesting dreams is not something that can be planned
Thoughts become actions so make sure your thoughts are grand
And put the work in to forge a path towards the promised land
Apr 2019 · 130
Colour coded
Liquid Gold Apr 2019
I read the news today
It made me turn the other way
The image that I saw, its too ****** to say
The only clue I can give you involves decay

Arrange the tulips, daffodils and roses
Water them with tear filled hoses
Tissues needed to wipe our noses
A soul parts from a body like the sea did for Moses

As the service begins we yell over the fat lady's song
The music moves us but we know we have to stay strong
People praying that the soul rests in a place they belong
The soul was pure and righteous, they don't deserve to be done wrong

The greenery creates the scene of a blossoming young life
Taken by idiots with no aims playing around with a knife
Cut to the end of the service and rumours ran rife
That the perpetrators left their homes and relocated to Fife

It blew my mind how loved this person was by the community
Unfortunately no one person is subject to immunity
Sad knowing that the killers escaped at any opportunity
No justice being served, I hope they enjoy their impunity

I come and I go, back and forth in my head
The heavy thoughts in my mind weigh more than a tonne of lead
But there's one thought that lead me to looking ahead
I can't believe that there's someone out there that wanted him dead

How can you violate a person destined to change the game
A stellar human being with a *** of gold for his brain
Those leprechauns stole this gift from the world, causing pain
But we hope that there's a rainbow at the end of the rain
Apr 2019 · 136
Word association 5
Liquid Gold Apr 2019
Get a table to eat the fruits of your labour while it's acceptable
The chance that you will reap the harvest again is probable
You sowed the seed on good soil, you must have read the parable
The feeling of tasting your success must be delectable

The tools you use to pull and **** will make you hench
The weight on your mind motivates you to hit the bench
High intensity workout leaving you with thirst to quench  
Hydrate yourself, don't sweat it, perspiration leaves a stench

A fear of people of all races living in utopia
The fear of long words is sesquipedalophobia
A loop of horror, two fears that cause a mental dystopia
I need abundance and nourishment, pass me the cornucopia

Why surrender freedom when you can run in a field
Protect me from the evil ones, I need a holy shield
A massive sword of words is much easier to wield
No blood after the battle, no scars to be healed

I'm about to state something important, get a pen
Be young at heart, look at life as if you were ten
Question everything, when you get the answer ask again
Deception is at large, don't get thrown into the lions den
Randomize a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write a poem about it without using the word in the poem
Apr 2019 · 144
Word association 4
Liquid Gold Apr 2019
Describes a high level product, service or commodity
Despite the fact that some may be seen as an oddity
Unconventional ways of living upsets the authority
Perfect my craft then pump out content, that's my priority

Before you take in every word that's said at church
Double check the message so you're not likely to lurch
Flying from a canopy, the bird lands on a perch
Branches don't fall far from trees, especially around a birch

Take home this car as a gift, it doesn't have a steer
You'll have to make a short trip to see the engineer
Unclog the engine and kick start your new career
Reinvest in new markets, become a pioneer

Ring around the roses, the petals are falling on their own
Flowers rising when watered with wisdom and being alone
Instruments designed to distract us from getting in the zone
Meditate in silence and your inner calling will be known

Work is hard, you can't wait to jump in bed beside your lover
Jump in all directions and next thing you know, she's a mother
Daughter born but she's feeling lonely so you need another
Trampoline tricks turns to treating the daughter with a brother
Randomize a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write a poem about it without using the word in the poem
Apr 2019 · 146
Word association 3
Liquid Gold Apr 2019
Rubbing salt in wounds causes the pain to exacerbate
Sweet talk is not appreciated in a spicy debate
Neither is being bitter when called out for being late
Now everyone is sour and no one wants to be your mate

Going missing to work on a bigger vision
Focused on my purpose and I've made a good decision
Decide to ride the tide even in the face of derision
Achieving my goals one by one, with accuracy and precision

Ignore the first word that I wrote, it has no relevance
The words that I desire to use require more elegance
Linguistic prowess may be one sign of intelligence
But periodically you forget the basic elements

An avant garde approach to life is part of the allure
Rocking the boat with force can sink you if you're insecure
Make sure your soul is calm and intentions are solely pure
And prosperity will find its way to you, yes I'm sure

On top of pale tables using technology
Taking notes of the origin of etymology
Study the mind in the mirror, that's reverse psychology
Mentally reflecting on the science of physiology
Randomize a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write a poem about it without using the word in the poem
Apr 2019 · 129
Word association
Liquid Gold Apr 2019
Athena would be disappointed if she did exist
Exalt the Holy one or disappear into the mist
Mistake a man for God and you won't even make the list
Listen to the universe and you will get the gist

Bouncing ball of joy popped by a harpoon
Deflating all the hope of ever reaching the moon
Can taste the sadness with a scoop of a teaspoon
Enjoyed the moment while it lasted, what a honeymoon

The buzz is killed when the auntie brings some coleslaw
The uncle leaves her and he turns into an outlaw
His opinions pack a punch, his stance is southpaw
Dog eat dog world and he always eats his meat raw

As one closes, others open up even more
As you step through you see the golden floor
Rainbows and clovers with leaves that add up to four
The silver lining in the clouds that rain and pour
Eroding the bronze and the copper forever more

Flashing all your flashy items will lead to jealousy
Evil eye evident anywhere you want to be
Humbleness costs less than impressing humanity
Its not worth the insanity to create a fake reality

Male ants on fire due to heating up an oxidant
Eye witnesses were present so let's see who was observant
Crime scene's shady though reports say its an accident
Looking for the culprits but people insist they're innocent
Randomize a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write a poem about it without using the word in the poem.
Apr 2019 · 107
Word association 2
Liquid Gold Apr 2019
Caeser salad with a special plant for the apes
Monkeying around until the animals escape
Vanishing in the air like smoke from a vape
Caution: loose gorillas, don't trespass beyond the tape

Fractured aorta from stabbing his chest with a stake
Sliced open the chest and dished it out like a piece of cake
Heat it up in the morning, thats what you call wake and bake
Surprised you didn't burn or hide the body in a lake

Straightening up the wrinkles in my clothes is a remedy
Healing sounds of a smooth serene and soothing symphony
Sonically cooking up sweet music filled with harmony
Topped off with a deep message wrapped in sympathy

Opposites attract depending on the opposition
There's no challenge if you're not afraid of your competition
It's expensive to pay attention to your ambition
There's a discount if you check out using intuition

Moving art with strokes of paint while feeling apathetic
Empty vessel of the spirit used to be prophetic
Predicting miracles and feats described as majestic
Home is where the heart is so we keep the love domestic
Randomize a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write a poem about it without using the word in the poem
Apr 2019 · 145
Suffix soufflé
Liquid Gold Apr 2019
Mentally athletic.
Too much of the sweet life will turn you diabetic.
Sugar rush evoking an urge to be frenetic.
The glucose in your blood stream is sticking there, it's magnetic.

Crippling your immune system,
that's not very diplomatic.
Body temperature rocketing sky high,
it's chilling in the attic.
Unhealthy eating seems harmless at first but it's so problematic.
Inducing laziness and low activity,
leaving you static.

I don't want to work for a boss with tendencies that are psychopathic.
I don't want manual labour,
I want my money automatic.
Flipping pound coins and notes,
make my money acrobatic.
Flexible income streams,
gold medal in gymnastics.

stretch that dough for generations.
Well bred children keeping active is preparation for the elevation of a nation.
On a journey on a train stopping at the next station.

Reaching the final destination.
We want celebration, not desecration.
Perpetual sacrilegious profanity will cause a mass declaration,
signalling the disintegration of society due to miseducation.

Segregation. Aggravation. Unjust starvation.
The list goes on longer than a standing ovation for a patient who beat every single disease caused by contamination.
My imagination is creating the foundation to make up an explanation.

One that outlines that the creation of one of the most corrupt political systems was by a Caucasian group of people,
on extended vacation,
in an unknown location,
renamed America by their dominant population.

A merry go round of nonsense which doesn't appeal to me but comes to my mind so randomly.
Taking time to dive into my inner thoughts like it's the deep blue sea.
I think, I write, I read, I wait and see
If the passage I create is meant to be.

It's time to flip the script with a somersault.
Take all that I've said with a pinch of salt.
If you didn't get it the first time, it's not your fault.
I got an explanation behind my rationale in my vault.
Feedback is welcomed
Apr 2019 · 129
Dream girl
Liquid Gold Apr 2019
A great man once said demonstration speaks louder than conversation.
So instead of talking about travelling the world with you,
how about I just take you for a vacation?
A trip into the depths of my mind.
I think like no other person does,
I'm one of a kind.
Kind of you to even consider loving me knowing the amount of people you must have left behind.
The certainty in your actions make me believe that if time offered you a chance to rewind,
you would still choose to be mine.

A woman like you is a rarity,
losing you would scare me.
The missing piece to my puzzle,
you fit in my life perfectly.
Your attributes are admirable,
your achievements are legendary.
You've got the intelligence of a scientist,
just as well we got chemistry.
The way you inspire me to be better,
only you could bring that out of me.
Transmuting a man from copper to gold,
that's your definition of alchemy.
As you stare out over the balcony seeing falcons and eagles,
hearing seagulls and beagles,
the animal kingdom appreciates that you're the queen of the jungle.
There's no reason to mumble,
be loud and proud about it.
You have a bright future and there's no doubt about it.

Alleviate my stress.
Let me levitate on your compliments. Complementary like condiments.
We don't have time for arguments,
we break down issues and build up tents of security.
Your vocal tone is filled with purity.
Soothe me with your lexicon,
your vast range of vocabulary.
Communication in a relationship is necessary.
Let me introduce you to my dictionary.
The emotions you elicit from me are beyond extraordinary.
I can feel the love in the air like its the middle of February.
Can't call you my better half because you're more than whole to me.
I know what you're capable of and it's time for the whole world to see.
Thoughts coming through my head right this second telling me to let you go.
But how could I ever do that when you're the person that helps me grow?
I know it's forbidden love but rules are made to be broken.
If I dream that we get married, I pray that I'm never woken.
Criticism is more than welcome
Mar 2019 · 139
Liquid Gold Mar 2019
Decorated, renovated.
Look at the beauty that God created.
But the truth is that it's so underrated.
Constantly slated.
Feeling sedated as I wander outside, looking at the moon and the stars at night.

Flora and fauna can co-exist, but that notion is frequently dismissed.
People are in their heads instead of taking in their surroundings.
Clay muddies the water and leaves us all floundering.

Dividing opinions multiply around the world but to me it doesn't add up.
How much less stress it is to realise we're blessed.
Unfortunately, I must acquiesce to the fact that we're lost in the wilderness.
Corrupt governments and run down countries.
Bootleg products being sold on Gumtree.

What a shame.
But the game is the game.
We need codebreakers to break the code to the safe.
We need warriors who are unbelievably brave.
Courageous enough to realise they may end up in a grave for opposing the status quo and refusing to be a slave to the system.

Hold up, wait, listen.
Do you hear the door?
It's the ambulance and the Feds.
They've clocked that their patients don't wanna take their meds.
And the inmates are digging escape routes under their beds.

They've come to drag their captives back to their dens to continue making profit out of them in the tens of millions and billions.
They're aiming for the trillions.
These money hungry crooks don't even care about civilians.

It's sounds like doom and gloom.
But it's not all out of our control.
We can appreciate the bloom if we look deep with in our soul.
Take some time to look inside and you will find your perfect role to play in this game called life.

We can all do it if we strive.
It gives us a reason to be alive.
A road you can travel down with your wife.
Nuggets of wisdom you can feed to your children, so they don't wander like pilgrims, but work towards a fairytale life like Rumpelstiltskin.
First poem/written piece. Be a savage in the comments if you must, wanna know my weaknesses.

— The End —