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Apr 2019
I read the news today
It made me turn the other way
The image that I saw, its too ****** to say
The only clue I can give you involves decay

Arrange the tulips, daffodils and roses
Water them with tear filled hoses
Tissues needed to wipe our noses
A soul parts from a body like the sea did for Moses

As the service begins we yell over the fat lady's song
The music moves us but we know we have to stay strong
People praying that the soul rests in a place they belong
The soul was pure and righteous, they don't deserve to be done wrong

The greenery creates the scene of a blossoming young life
Taken by idiots with no aims playing around with a knife
Cut to the end of the service and rumours ran rife
That the perpetrators left their homes and relocated to Fife

It blew my mind how loved this person was by the community
Unfortunately no one person is subject to immunity
Sad knowing that the killers escaped at any opportunity
No justice being served, I hope they enjoy their impunity

I come and I go, back and forth in my head
The heavy thoughts in my mind weigh more than a tonne of lead
But there's one thought that lead me to looking ahead
I can't believe that there's someone out there that wanted him dead

How can you violate a person destined to change the game
A stellar human being with a *** of gold for his brain
Those leprechauns stole this gift from the world, causing pain
But we hope that there's a rainbow at the end of the rain
Written by
Liquid Gold  22/M/UK
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