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Apr 2019
A great man once said demonstration speaks louder than conversation.
So instead of talking about travelling the world with you,
how about I just take you for a vacation?
A trip into the depths of my mind.
I think like no other person does,
I'm one of a kind.
Kind of you to even consider loving me knowing the amount of people you must have left behind.
The certainty in your actions make me believe that if time offered you a chance to rewind,
you would still choose to be mine.

A woman like you is a rarity,
losing you would scare me.
The missing piece to my puzzle,
you fit in my life perfectly.
Your attributes are admirable,
your achievements are legendary.
You've got the intelligence of a scientist,
just as well we got chemistry.
The way you inspire me to be better,
only you could bring that out of me.
Transmuting a man from copper to gold,
that's your definition of alchemy.
As you stare out over the balcony seeing falcons and eagles,
hearing seagulls and beagles,
the animal kingdom appreciates that you're the queen of the jungle.
There's no reason to mumble,
be loud and proud about it.
You have a bright future and there's no doubt about it.

Alleviate my stress.
Let me levitate on your compliments. Complementary like condiments.
We don't have time for arguments,
we break down issues and build up tents of security.
Your vocal tone is filled with purity.
Soothe me with your lexicon,
your vast range of vocabulary.
Communication in a relationship is necessary.
Let me introduce you to my dictionary.
The emotions you elicit from me are beyond extraordinary.
I can feel the love in the air like its the middle of February.
Can't call you my better half because you're more than whole to me.
I know what you're capable of and it's time for the whole world to see.
Thoughts coming through my head right this second telling me to let you go.
But how could I ever do that when you're the person that helps me grow?
I know it's forbidden love but rules are made to be broken.
If I dream that we get married, I pray that I'm never woken.
Criticism is more than welcome
Written by
Liquid Gold  22/M/UK
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