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Apr 2019
Rubbing salt in wounds causes the pain to exacerbate
Sweet talk is not appreciated in a spicy debate
Neither is being bitter when called out for being late
Now everyone is sour and no one wants to be your mate

Going missing to work on a bigger vision
Focused on my purpose and I've made a good decision
Decide to ride the tide even in the face of derision
Achieving my goals one by one, with accuracy and precision

Ignore the first word that I wrote, it has no relevance
The words that I desire to use require more elegance
Linguistic prowess may be one sign of intelligence
But periodically you forget the basic elements

An avant garde approach to life is part of the allure
Rocking the boat with force can sink you if you're insecure
Make sure your soul is calm and intentions are solely pure
And prosperity will find its way to you, yes I'm sure

On top of pale tables using technology
Taking notes of the origin of etymology
Study the mind in the mirror, that's reverse psychology
Mentally reflecting on the science of physiology
Randomize a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write a poem about it without using the word in the poem
Written by
Liquid Gold  22/M/UK
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