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Apr 2019
Mentally athletic.
Too much of the sweet life will turn you diabetic.
Sugar rush evoking an urge to be frenetic.
The glucose in your blood stream is sticking there, it's magnetic.

Crippling your immune system,
that's not very diplomatic.
Body temperature rocketing sky high,
it's chilling in the attic.
Unhealthy eating seems harmless at first but it's so problematic.
Inducing laziness and low activity,
leaving you static.

I don't want to work for a boss with tendencies that are psychopathic.
I don't want manual labour,
I want my money automatic.
Flipping pound coins and notes,
make my money acrobatic.
Flexible income streams,
gold medal in gymnastics.

stretch that dough for generations.
Well bred children keeping active is preparation for the elevation of a nation.
On a journey on a train stopping at the next station.

Reaching the final destination.
We want celebration, not desecration.
Perpetual sacrilegious profanity will cause a mass declaration,
signalling the disintegration of society due to miseducation.

Segregation. Aggravation. Unjust starvation.
The list goes on longer than a standing ovation for a patient who beat every single disease caused by contamination.
My imagination is creating the foundation to make up an explanation.

One that outlines that the creation of one of the most corrupt political systems was by a Caucasian group of people,
on extended vacation,
in an unknown location,
renamed America by their dominant population.

A merry go round of nonsense which doesn't appeal to me but comes to my mind so randomly.
Taking time to dive into my inner thoughts like it's the deep blue sea.
I think, I write, I read, I wait and see
If the passage I create is meant to be.

It's time to flip the script with a somersault.
Take all that I've said with a pinch of salt.
If you didn't get it the first time, it's not your fault.
I got an explanation behind my rationale in my vault.
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Written by
Liquid Gold  22/M/UK
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