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Apr 2019
Describes a high level product, service or commodity
Despite the fact that some may be seen as an oddity
Unconventional ways of living upsets the authority
Perfect my craft then pump out content, that's my priority

Before you take in every word that's said at church
Double check the message so you're not likely to lurch
Flying from a canopy, the bird lands on a perch
Branches don't fall far from trees, especially around a birch

Take home this car as a gift, it doesn't have a steer
You'll have to make a short trip to see the engineer
Unclog the engine and kick start your new career
Reinvest in new markets, become a pioneer

Ring around the roses, the petals are falling on their own
Flowers rising when watered with wisdom and being alone
Instruments designed to distract us from getting in the zone
Meditate in silence and your inner calling will be known

Work is hard, you can't wait to jump in bed beside your lover
Jump in all directions and next thing you know, she's a mother
Daughter born but she's feeling lonely so you need another
Trampoline tricks turns to treating the daughter with a brother
Randomize a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write a poem about it without using the word in the poem
Written by
Liquid Gold  22/M/UK
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