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May 2019
Have you ever thought about how life can flip a switch on you out of nowhere?
You're going through the motions of an everyday struggle when suddenly, you feel an unknown power surging through your veins.

Blood pumping, heart rate jumping.
Your eyes already open but the veil of lies being lifted cleared up your vision.
Your ears always hear what's going on but now you can actually listen to both the inner and outer world with high quality audio.

Your nose knows the smell of life, the fragrance of balance. The sillage of revelation lingers in the air.
Your tongue twisting as it tastes the torture of wasting time, only to be stilled by a warm cup of productivity.
Your touch being missed by the one person who promised never to touch you again.

Sensitivity in today's world is a touchy subject.
PC culture is dominating topics of discussion.
When did the world decide to start policing people's thoughts?
The very thing that makes us individuals.
Unique creatures.

It's worrying that people are being villified for tweets from the past.
Birds of prey lurking on the timeline, ready to catch their prey slipping with a bad tweet from 1984.
As if a person can't change.
If we don't believe a person can change from the poor decisions or ill advised thoughts they shared with the world from a few years ago, we might as well just give up now then.

No point in self improvement, you're always gonna be the same regardless.
It doesn't make sense to me.
If our thoughts were on display at all times, there would be a lot more people being "cancelled" according to society right now.
Or would cancel culture cancel itself out by cancelling the cancellers?

Putting together letters to form a word.
Putting together words to form a sentence.
Putting together ideologies passed down from your parents, subliminal messaging from media, businesses, the government and your life experiences to form a thought.
None of these should be as problematic in the world as they are today.

Especially words.
Words are powerful but what type of power they have depends on you.
Choose words wisely when speaking, it matters.
Don't let words targeted towards you affect your emotions, that leaves room open for you to be manipulated.
Write to your hearts content, pour your soul over the page.
Feedback is appreciated
Written by
Liquid Gold  22/M/UK
   Bogdan Dragos
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