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May 2019
Visualising the better life I want to have
On a beach in Turks & Caicos having a laugh
Jolly moments sweeter than a lollipop
Popping up in pop up shops, shopping till we drop

Drop the top off the vehicle, a headless spider chilling, cooler than an icicle
4 wheels instead of 2, 'raris over bicycles
A fraction of the enjoyment I see ahead of me
To manifest the life I want, I visualise it vividly

Frozen hearts warming up with the heat of love
A metaphor for the comfort obtained from wearing gloves
Drive away the vampires with a garlic clove
Representing the bad energy I reject from below

The things I think of when I'm not subject to sobriety include the higher ups destroying our sense of individuality
Moulding people to adhere to the rules in society
Working towards uniformity, abolishing variety

Wisdom is a value I aspire to master
Part of my recipe to avoid disaster
Next on the list is demerara sugar, not caster
Brown like CeCe Winans, singing about a box that's alabaster

Carving her voice into the melody of the song
Serenity surrounds the sound sharper than a prong
Hitting the high notes, higher than hitting a ****
Lyrics that speak to your soul making you feel like you can do no wrong

I went on a tangent, curved away from manifestation
That's what happens when your mind and pen have a miscommunication
At least I had the foresight to have the realisation
Brought to me by honing my skills of divination

Back on track to attack the matter at hand
Manifesting dreams is not something that can be planned
Thoughts become actions so make sure your thoughts are grand
And put the work in to forge a path towards the promised land
Written by
Liquid Gold  22/M/UK
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