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Apr 2019
Caeser salad with a special plant for the apes
Monkeying around until the animals escape
Vanishing in the air like smoke from a vape
Caution: loose gorillas, don't trespass beyond the tape

Fractured aorta from stabbing his chest with a stake
Sliced open the chest and dished it out like a piece of cake
Heat it up in the morning, thats what you call wake and bake
Surprised you didn't burn or hide the body in a lake

Straightening up the wrinkles in my clothes is a remedy
Healing sounds of a smooth serene and soothing symphony
Sonically cooking up sweet music filled with harmony
Topped off with a deep message wrapped in sympathy

Opposites attract depending on the opposition
There's no challenge if you're not afraid of your competition
It's expensive to pay attention to your ambition
There's a discount if you check out using intuition

Moving art with strokes of paint while feeling apathetic
Empty vessel of the spirit used to be prophetic
Predicting miracles and feats described as majestic
Home is where the heart is so we keep the love domestic
Randomize a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write a poem about it without using the word in the poem
Written by
Liquid Gold  22/M/UK
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