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Apr 2019
Athena would be disappointed if she did exist
Exalt the Holy one or disappear into the mist
Mistake a man for God and you won't even make the list
Listen to the universe and you will get the gist

Bouncing ball of joy popped by a harpoon
Deflating all the hope of ever reaching the moon
Can taste the sadness with a scoop of a teaspoon
Enjoyed the moment while it lasted, what a honeymoon

The buzz is killed when the auntie brings some coleslaw
The uncle leaves her and he turns into an outlaw
His opinions pack a punch, his stance is southpaw
Dog eat dog world and he always eats his meat raw

As one closes, others open up even more
As you step through you see the golden floor
Rainbows and clovers with leaves that add up to four
The silver lining in the clouds that rain and pour
Eroding the bronze and the copper forever more

Flashing all your flashy items will lead to jealousy
Evil eye evident anywhere you want to be
Humbleness costs less than impressing humanity
Its not worth the insanity to create a fake reality

Male ants on fire due to heating up an oxidant
Eye witnesses were present so let's see who was observant
Crime scene's shady though reports say its an accident
Looking for the culprits but people insist they're innocent
Randomize a word beginning with each letter of the alphabet and write a poem about it without using the word in the poem.
Written by
Liquid Gold  22/M/UK
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