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Grace Jan 27
I had a change of heart
I don't want to die with a bleeding heart
Or a messy mind containing dying flowers
and a cloudy fog.

I want love like Red Roses
Classic and Stunningly beautiful  

I crave for it like  
sugar to the mouth
leading to pleasure to the core
                   pleasure to the core

Blossom in front of me
and I will cry in awe
(just for you)

Let me touch the pretty Red Roses
to make my love true.

- Never question my true feelings for you.
  Jan 27 Grace
Sometimes I close my eyes,
Just to see the great ocean that rocks inside of me
The rolling tide filling my chest
Cresting over my heart
Spilling through my eyes
And saturating my upturned palms.
I catch your spirit there,
And sometimes imagined scenes:

You and me,
In the half light of dusk
In the light winds of spring
Alone but for the flutter of wings
That is really my heart,
Beating wildly
Against your chest.
Close enough to feel your breath
Along my neck.
Can you feel my tides rise,
My rhythm quicken?
Always you
Stirring these waves of desire,
Churning my waters
Into fire.

Sometimes I close my eyes
Just to hear the music of the sea birds
Soaring and dipping to the surface,
Which is now like glass
Held motionless by your enveloping warmth
Held still by your unfaltering strength
The waves calmed;
The birdsong of my soul free at last.

This ocean is mine
But you carry its depths in your palms
And when I close my eyes
Only you can release
Its power.
Crash with me like these waves beneath the stars.
Close your eyes now.
I am yours.
A poem for the wild seas of passion; for the depth of chemistry between two people. May we all experience it <3
Grace Jan 11
His name, his name has been written inside of me as if my body was paper
It's as if each letter has been carved on my ***** heart (and I can't escape it)
And it hurts painfully, my eyes are getting wetter
And I can't face this weather
(tear drop rain and love heart clouds).

And his little stabbing words haunt me like
the ghosts of future memories
(The ones that will never take place)
They sing ****** stick lullabies
where the sounds of your voice feels like
something I will learn to miss.  

Due to the sight of him, he makes me casually swim in His Ocean
I would cry for his affections
I would cry and cry until Our Oceans become
And every thought would be his and would be mine too.

Having a crush is like being in the Summer Rain.........  

(Being (or thinking you are) madly in love with someone is normal, it creates madness, but just be aware of it, because love that you desire awaits you, you just need to be patience) Being patience is a virtue.
This poem is a sample of a longer poem I've written called Crushes Part 1 (funnily there's no part 2 yet), but this is also the prequel of Summer Rain which is part of Crushes Part 1 (if that makes sense)
Grace Jan 6
Pale mist echoes silently
So still...
It’s this us?
Because we're nothing
Can the air decay?
Because I want us to die
Us to
vanish during the night.  
Can the air please decay?
and make my infatuation rot and let the black flies fly around me
A least it would make something real
Which is the thing I desire the most.  
Me begging on my fragile knees
Please make the air decay
Because living in this world of wonder is causing too much pain to bare.  

-We were never a thing (we never had a chance because I killed us by having no confession and you killed me by not noticing my loving gaze)
Grace Jan 4
Having a crush is like being in the Summer Rain
It's hot outside and you feel no pain
And the ice cream in your hand taste so good
And all the innocent children are riding their bikes down your hood
Laughter fills your lane
And you feel so tamed
The sun shines on you
The sun shines on him
You both smile
With the silent agreement that you feel some chemisty
(And that you want to make history together)  
No clouds
But you feel a sensation of rain
And a single drop appears
That smile fades (maybe he didn't feel the same)
But it still hot outside
Back turned, he runs for shelter
And you stand there in the middle of the pavement unable to move
And the rain pours down on you  
And streams of ice cream sinks through your fingers
But its still hot outside
And your heart which was once filled with so much joy
Is left wet even though its hot outside

- You end up watching something becoming nothing
Grace Jan 3
One Winter's day the pain will fade
and letting go of you won't be so hard  
so I spend most of my time paining over scars
and bleeding hearts
and trying to live for the art.  
I drown in the sight of you
there's no way to look at you
different shades of blue covers the inside of me
with cold smoke particles glued – (to me)
producing what seems to be an endless sea of clear dew.    
As the snow falls to the ground
white nothingness fill my eyes
and all the window have been opened, and everything falls upside down.
The dying little flowers sprouting out of the snow has been placed in a place I use to call the sky
It's not too warm or too cold I need close my mind even if it’s for a little while.  
You You You You running through my empty head
No words or songs or judgements or thoughts just -You
I need to tip a whole tin of paint over me

Because me and you are through.

— The End —