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Grace Jan 2019
I had a change of heart
I don't want to die with a bleeding heart
Or a messy mind containing dying flowers
and a cloudy fog.

I want love like Red Roses
Classic and Stunningly beautiful  

I crave for it like  
sugar to the mouth
leading to pleasure to the core
                   pleasure to the core

Blossom in front of me
and I will cry in awe
(just for you)

Let me touch the pretty Red Roses
to make my love true.

- Never question my true feelings for you.
sayali Jun 2018
I belong to
The gusty
Winds, that
Sweet nothings
To me,
                  I belong to
                  The red of
                  My roses
                  And the
                  Aroma they
I belong to
The soil, and
The way it
Nurtures and
Even accepts
The dead,
                    I belong to
                    The rain, which
                    Quenches the
                    Thirst of the
                     Parched soil,
I belong to
Him, who
Loves my
Soul, despite
Of the scars
Which sullied
It, and can kiss
Those scars
Back to whole.

// Belong

-Sayali Parkar
Shawn Callahan Jan 2015
Crusty brown mud covers injured soil
stopping the red roses from blooming.
Shovels pry at the ground
desperate to feel the thorns.

Tortured and torn;
the dirt is slowly dying
as roses roll down hills
leaving trails of red petals.

Staring above;
Enjoying the sensation
Loving the beauty
And fighting the desire to continue.

Calm winds carry voices;
Quickly the petals are washed away
and roses are plucked
as new mulch hides
The abused soil.

Watch the dirt heal
Wait for the chance
Take the shovel
And dig up the red roses
Relish in the thorns
And repeat the damage.
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

— The End —