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Josh G Jan 25
I was born into this world with a disadvantage
A weakness so catastrophic
That it can desecrate my entire well-being
Some call it a rare gift
But to those who share this curse
We are far from being lucky
For this void in my chest yearns to feel
The same sort of hope and encouragement
That I give willingly to the unappreciative mass
I am the white blood cell that fights your infection
The diary that hears your trials and tribulations
Yet you, so unworthy of this grace
Have no idea the pain that piles on me
For the more this compassionate heart helps
The deeper this hole is dug
And laying at the bottom of this hollowed out earth
Is a man who knows what he gives to others
Can never be given to himself
Josh G Jan 18
Gracefully sliding down your silver skin
It leaves a waste of blackness
That zig zags like a corn maze
A flame sets you into motion
Giving off your sought after euphoria
Our bond is one not saught after
Yet its a connection I yearned for
Nights spent on the bathroom floor
With desperation and a fiendish itch
You were there as my comfort
With tears in my eyes and a stain on my pride
We floated off into a temporary retreat
Wrote this looking back to a time in my life where I felt the full weight of the world on my shoulders. The weight became unbearable and I searched for every way out I could find. The door I opened was one of immense pain to myself and the ones I cared about. I'm proud of the man I've become now.
Josh G Oct 2018
Trust is often given and earned
Though you can be born into it
For blood runs deep and through blood
That cable is firmly anchored
Family can often break that trust
But never sever it entirely
For we hold so dearly to our hearts
The hope of never breaking the foundation
Of what keeps our families together
But I have witnessed the thunderous snap
The devastating shockwave
Sent from the rupture of steel
I have heard the echoes of a thousand memories
Shatter across the floor like glass
That cable that we so helplessly believed in
Was ripped apart in absolute calamity
And it will never be fixed
For these wounds of shrapnel have pierced
The depths of our calloused hearts
And you can spend an eternity mending the wounds
But they will never erase the scars left by your actions
Josh G Oct 2018
Can you hear the trees sing
In this October breeze?
Can you see the dance
Of the wooden giants
In their dance hall glade?
Come lay witness to
The shedding of the leaves
Under this blanket
Of overcast skies
Been awhile since I last wrote. I had a picture to go with this poem. I was at work walking through an area I maintain looking for fallen or dead trees to cut down when I noticed a leaf that perfectly looked like a heart.
Josh G Oct 2018
We are often seeking recognition
Some, more than others, crave it
Like an addict itching for their next dose

We do everything to achieve that feeling
Rewiring our individuality to follow social norms
All for the slightest boost of self esteem

But this addiction of ours is a curse
Its veil hides you from your real self
Locking it up in a cage for none to see

But you know it's there hiding in the dark
You're too afraid to bring it to light
For your fear of  loneliness keeps it silenced
Josh G Sep 2018
I have changed, have you?
You hold my past against me
Can you let it go?
Josh G Sep 2018
This mountain of ours
Stands viciously before me
I am always climbing
Never getting higher
My grip often slips
And I slide back down
Often I'll find tools
And with them I soar
Though these tools break
Putting me at square one again

This mountain of ours
Claims victims every day
Some hollow out a home
Refusing to climb higher
Others have fallen completely
And have lost their way
There is no easy path
To reach this apex
An eternal struggle
That you must never give up on

This mountain of ours
Some days are easier than others
But those days are few and far between
For this journey is a challenge
And not a single person has it easy
We're all struggling
Though some seem better off
Don't be envious because
You'll never know the difficulties
They faced on this mountain of ours
I wrote this depicting life. Life is like a mountain to me. We are always striving to climb higher but it has its own way of making that difficult for us. Our tools break, our grips slip, or we just lose faith.
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