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Slightly Lovely Feb 2019
It snowed.
I cried.
You used to love the snow, becoming joyful like I've never seen you.
I know this time of year brings with it the shadows and demons.
But it never failed to show me your smile.
Your real smile.
I miss you.
Slightly Lovely Apr 2018
You aren’t your worst actions
You are not your hair
Nor your height
You aren’t your age
Or your skin
You aren’t your name
Or your weight
You are not your clothes
And you aren’t what others think of you,

You are the smiles you try to hide
And all the words you speak
You’re all your favorite books
And your  croaky morning voice
You are the hope in your laughter
And every tear that has ever escaped your eyes.

You are the songs you sing at the top of your lungs when you’re alone,
And the dances you do in secret
You’re the things you believe in
And the struggle it took you to be here today
Your the art you create
And the love that you share.

You are so beautiful
But it seems you’ve forgotten
And decided you were defined
By all the things you are not.
based on a poem by ~e.h
Slightly Lovely Aug 2019
i messed up
i hurt you
and now im .... so.... incredibly sorry.
Slightly Lovely Jan 2020
I still love you.
I'll love you even from a million miles away,
even years from that last time we talked.

even from a different embrace.
Slightly Lovely Dec 2019
I'm not giving up on you.
I'm not in denial anymore,
and I know that everyone expects me to move on.
I know there's a 99% chance I won't find you again.
But If the 1% comes to pass,
think of how brightly we'd shine..
Slightly Lovely Oct 2019
I will never get tired of loving you.
Even if you are no longer mine.
Slightly Lovely Jan 2020
do you remember those videos you sent?
you would be singing in the car,
and your little siblings would be in the back.
You showed me small moments of your life,
shared a piece of the universe that makes up you.
I never told you,
that those really did mean the world to me.
Slightly Lovely Dec 2019
I hope you never lose the fire you hold inside you.
It's one of your best qualities.
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
Does your heart still beat when you see me?
Or am I just screaming alone in the dark?
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
I didn't mean to,

and I'm so terribly sorry for what I've caused.
please, please forgive me.
Slightly Lovely Dec 2019
I still miss you.

god, how I miss you.
this time between us hurts.
I wish you'd come back to me.
Slightly Lovely Feb 2020
i miss you so much that the sun hurts my heart because it reminds me of you
i hope you still think about me
Slightly Lovely Dec 2019
I rather get a text from you,
saying "I miss you"
then a text confessing
"I love you."
from anyone else.
Slightly Lovely Oct 2019
God how I miss you.
even if you don't know it
Slightly Lovely May 2022
I am a God,
A being never believed or understood,
Begging to be loved and seen,
And I am a Girl
A being never believed or understood,
Begging to be loved and seen,
And maybe these are the same
And maybe we are all just crying in the dark,
Afraid to be alone,
And ready to be worshipped.
Slightly Lovely Apr 2020
I awoke because fireflies buzzed in my lungs.
And I didn’t dare open my lips, lest the light spill from inside in a deluge of meaningless stuttering sentences that would never accurately explain the love I felt.
Instead it filled my chest,
molten gold pressing against my ribcage,
and I breathed as well as I could through the honeyed glow as I watched you sleep.
This was my favorite of their many faces:
no boisterous mask, no fire laced beneath their words, flames built to comfort or burn or blaze bright, blinding.
Without their mask, they seemed… human

Without their mask, they were beautiful.
Of course when I reawoke, you were somewhere else in the room, but god, how beautiful that moment was.
Slightly Lovely Apr 2018
I live in a world,
where being alone in public is a fear,
I love to be alone
But, at school, without a friend
It’s basically a warzone,
Without a weapon, without a shield
And i hope you feel better
Cause no one else was here
And i’m so sorry
For doing the same to you…
But if you can,
Please come back,
I know its hard, but im all alone
One friend sick,
Another missing,
One at therapy,
And one gone to her home for school,
I guess today, i’ll be brave
Cause i'm alone, and it’s a sunny day
Slightly Lovely Oct 2019
I don't even know who I am anymore. Or maybe I do and I just don't know how to be her anymore...

I gave you more of me than I had to give.
But I'd do it again if you asked nicely
Slightly Lovely Oct 2019
When I was little,
I donned my "Angel Eyes."
They helped me see right and wrong,
And helped me love the unlovable.

Years later,
I use them to love myself.
I can see right and wrong,
And I know how to find beauty in every broken person I see,
Because I know they're just like me.
Slightly Lovely Feb 2020
I still love you. But I'd rather just be friends. Because I want you to be happy.
And it's been so long since we last talked.
Slightly Lovely Sep 2019
I love you so ******* much that it hurts.
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
Darling if i could say goodbye, I don't think I would.
but I know you would leave anyways
Slightly Lovely Jan 2019
Your skin threw me off,
And for that,
I regret who I am...
But I will work towards destroying my walls,
I know my biases are there,
And I will try to be careful,
Cause, believe it or not, I know it’s not fair.
I understand the wrongness of my thoughts,
And I hope we can still be friends.
Cause you really care....
Slightly Lovely Nov 2020
My arms ache,
from trying to hold you
Slightly Lovely Apr 2018
We are blue
Glowing in light and colour and life
Ineffably bright

Moving in the rhythm of our secrets
Loving on the color
We are blue
Igniting the colours of this life in all of their vibrancy.

You and I
We conflate together
Never  alone.
I've got you.
and you've got me

Time is trickling past
Friends and lovers
One soul blurs into another
So many people but just one face
So many colours but only one I can’t erase
The colour of the sky that we gazed upon mid June
The gently lapping waves of the lake that
Threatened to take you

The light in your eyes that separates you
A billion lives flicker and take flight
Green and grey and brown and white
In the midst of a rainbow of emotion and life
There is a pale flash, once, then twice

We are but snapshots of existence on this earth
We rise and then fall in an instant
Death, followed by birth
In the short time we have, I seek much and find little

It’s okay though, because
I am blue
And so are you
By Kadie Dean  
Katherine Schunck
Slightly Lovely Jan 2020
I like the feeling of being held.
So if i become a hostage, i do not know if i would struggle.
Slightly Lovely Jun 2019
The water crashes down
I watch it fade away, this year, these friends,
What will happen to us?
The murky depths are swirling and pushing,
I wish i was with you.
I relive the waterfall, my eyes burning, my lungs cold,
It's like it happened yesterday, and I still can't find the surface
I wish it could all stay, I don't want you to go...
Slightly Lovely Sep 2019
I miss you,
even when your face rests in front of mine.
I'm jealous,
Even though I was the one to tear us apart.
I should have kept trying to fall for what was already mine.
Slightly Lovely Sep 2020
She always smiles like she’s about to cry,
Looking at me,
As though she’s expecting a goodbye.
I’m not leaving,
But I can’t stay too close.
For I’m afraid to live,
But more afraid to die.
Slightly Lovely Mar 2020
im so tired of not being okay
Slightly Lovely Sep 2021
I am a ruiner,
As I gasp for breath,
Heaving my lungs
Desperatly trying to pull upwards
I latch onto you,
Everyone close to me,
Trying just to get to air,
And instead,
I drown you with me
And I'm sorry
But I'm not an Angel
I'm not even lovable,
All I ever do is hurt,
And break,
And ruin.
this is subpar at best :/
Slightly Lovely Jun 2020
When I walk,
into the house of worship and prayer,
with notions,
of souls without bodies,
and people not constrained,
by the labels and boundaries of this earth,
of loving without restraint,
without a condition of what they look like,
They all agree.
until I say,
I meant, the concepts of gender, and sexuality.
Slightly Lovely Sep 2019
i can tell you exactly how my heart is being ripped apart,
And you're not here to tell me;
"shhhhh Sunshine. It's alright. I've got you."
Oh, how I miss your arms.
I want your hugs.
Not talking to you is so hard.
When the person I'd turn to for comfort,
Is you...
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
you loved the smell of the flowers I bloomed,
and called your love unconditional,
but when I showed my roots,
you burned them,
only to watch me squirm.
my parents are hard.
Slightly Lovely Sep 2020
Could your delicate hands,
hold me?
Could your soft lips,
press into my face?
Slightly Lovely Nov 2020
We shared a pain,
                                   cracks spreading over both our porcelain faces.
                             If i told you,
            would the fissures begin to fade?
Would you feel loved?

                                                         ­                        (or would you hide away?)
                                                      Coul­d we talk at night?
                                     As the chasm we both feel begins to gape,
         as our hearts ache and the distractions fade?

(or would you hate me?)
Slightly Lovely Nov 2020
melancholy tastes so sweet,
when I think about how I love you
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
You, are not broken.
You will rise again,
so close this book and
guys, im like really fcking sad
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
your love is hidden
and you dwindle into water molecules,
floating in the agitated curling mist.
my voice is scraped raw,
even though I never spoke.
Are you even there?
Are you hidden, or gone?
Slightly Lovely Mar 2019
Fall through the door,
I'm always too late,
Scared of my luck,
Calling for more,
I'm always in the sunshine.
I hope you'll forgive me,
I'll always forget,
but please don't leave me.
Slightly Lovely Feb 2021
I want the voices in my head to stop.
I want the overthinking, overfeeling,
to ebb into a quiet murmur.
I want to kiss someone,
without wondering if I should because I wouldn't marry them.
I want to date someone,
without thinking about them leaving.
I want my heart to stop beating,
and I want my brain to stop shouting,
and my lungs to stop breathing,
and my eyes to stop opening,
because every time they do I see a world too complicated to simply live in.
so I'm going to ask you out,
because I want to,
and I'm gonna stop worrying,
so I can live.
Slightly Lovely May 2018
I am stuck, dreaming
I wonder what dream is awaiting me in this dark place
I hear my perfect dream calling
I see a floating, breathing thing
I want to leave, and then i don’t
I am stuck, dreaming

I pretend  i won’t wake
I feel as free as air
I touch my perfect ecstasy
I worry that my mind is a million miles away
I cry out, for i cannot wake
I am stuck, dreaming

I try to be heard
I understand what i must do
I say that  reality has a price
And i hope for freedom
I am stuck, dreaming
A school project, my teacher really liked it, so i thought i would post it
Slightly Lovely Apr 2021
People say to live every day like it was your last,
but they call you impulsive when you do.
I used to wish id die of cancer,
so I could call you,
see you again,
Cause who would say no to a dying 17-year-old in love?
And I'd still rather have 2 weeks to live spent with you,
than a whole life without you.
Slightly Lovely Apr 2018
A face long gone,
A lover never known,
A place forgotten,
All because,
I’m alone…

Rain is falling,
The sun shining,
Moods changing,
My worlds’ falling,
I will hang on,
Even though it’s hard,
I need the pain
To know that It’s reality,
And not a dream…

Why did you leave?,
I needed you here,
But It’s okay,
You have your own fears,
I have to fight, to stay awake,
But with you gone,
It all seems to fade...
Slightly Lovely Oct 2018
As long as I'm with you it's okay.
You wrap me in your arms,
protecting me from myself.
My heart was yours from the start.
In this unwavering love, your peace surrounds me
I'm found in you, and here I'll stay
lost from the world
Slightly Lovely Apr 2021
And I dreamed I met you at an airport,
History stretching between us,
And you were teasing and coy,
Like you knew who I was,
But it was our first meeting.
Maybe we met like that in the next life, or the past.
Maybe this was always meant to be,
But in the dream I was so sure I would wake up next to you,
I don't know what this means for me
Slightly Lovely Oct 2018
A life of sun
A way of love,
I missed you all,
I don't know your expectations,
I don't know your love,
I can't think of why
you'd pick to be friends with me.
But If you want to,
I'd accept,
Because you've exeeded
All of mine.
Slightly Lovely Feb 2019
Fast asleep
Dark, alone in the deep
Rise again
oh, how beautiful it was then.
Slightly Lovely May 2018
lol, simple and astetic
Slightly Lovely May 2018
A fictional character,
An unrealistic goal,
I feel for him more than any other
And now what am I supposed to do?
I guess I’ll never love someone real…
So i’ll just hide from reality
Until someone finds me.
He is fake, and i know it
But at least i can’t ruin it in my imagination
One day i hope it’ll be different
I can’t experience reality like a normal person,
So i’ll just live with the fake
And die alone
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