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Slightly Lovely Oct 2019
God how I miss you.
even if you don't know it
765 · Nov 2018
Slightly Lovely Nov 2018
If a being could be shaped,  
Molded by the emotions enveloping them,
What form will it take?

What personality changes are affected by love.
And which actions of hate mold your soul?

These people I keep close, this family of comfort I’ve made,
Is that who I am?
Is it the gentle kisses, or these sad whimpers that have created me?

Will I ever be anything more than my Identity?
721 · Oct 2018
Platonic Crush.......i hope
Slightly Lovely Oct 2018
I wish you feel these secret emotions
These impulses I lock away, praying to God they’re purely platonic.
I wish to wrap my fingers in your hair,
I wish your uniquely cinnamon scent was up for grabs.
Your fluffy sweaters drape you well,
And your puffy eyes peak out like an unforeseen storm.
If only you would feel the way I do.
But if you do not, can we still be friends?
there's this guy i know, he seems great and i hope our friendship grows stronger, but my emotions are all muddled and i'm hoping, really hoping i don't want more...
He's one of my best friends best friends, and it would be just so dramatic, and i know for a fact he doesn't like me, i doubt he even thinks of me as a friend yet...
Slightly Lovely May 2021
the scent of the flame
a type of beauty existing in pain
An aching for the feel of a hand in mine,
as if the whole world felt your tears like rain,
an explosion of human understanding,
existing within a single vein.
650 · Aug 2019
Ignore me please.
Slightly Lovely Aug 2019
I know i liked too many of your poems.
I know I'm being clingy.
Ignore me.
Pretend I didn't almost reach out.
please. i dont want to bother you.
615 · Apr 2021
(when will this ever stop?)
Slightly Lovely Apr 2021
do you ever cry about me?
and if so,
do you think that sometimes,
we cry together?
612 · Oct 2019
Of course
Slightly Lovely Oct 2019
"love me"
it came as the smallest of whispers.
a swell in tempo, a rise in rhythm.
the words swirl around me like a thousand orbiting galaxies,
Dipped in a golden light that had followed me from the heavens,
They wrap around you, hug your sides, caress your soft lips.
These words are yours, but over time, they faded,
and they've become mine.
607 · Dec 2019
To my Parents.
Slightly Lovely Dec 2019
An apology without change,
is just manipulation.

I love you, but I can wait till your rule over my life ends.
3 more years, 3 more years, 3 more years.
546 · Apr 2018
Slightly Lovely Apr 2018
I live in a world,
where being alone in public is a fear,
I love to be alone
But, at school, without a friend
It’s basically a warzone,
Without a weapon, without a shield
And i hope you feel better
Cause no one else was here
And i’m so sorry
For doing the same to you…
But if you can,
Please come back,
I know its hard, but im all alone
One friend sick,
Another missing,
One at therapy,
And one gone to her home for school,
I guess today, i’ll be brave
Cause i'm alone, and it’s a sunny day
Slightly Lovely Feb 2018
I may be silent
I may be an introvert
I may be that silent kid in the back
And I know sometimes my thoughts are violent
But my soul will be deafening

I guess sometimes
I would rather be in a book than reality
But if we could talk you’ll see
That I am really not that bad

And I might not always express it
But my feelings are sometimes suffocating me
And I can’t always tell you
I will try,
maybe not in the ways you know
But hopefully you’ll pick up
on my thoughts

I sit and I listen
As a wallflower; I know the secrets
That are not always audible…

The secret of the wallflower
I may be silent
I may be an introvert
I may be that silent kid in the back
And I know sometimes my thoughts are violent
But my soul will be deafening

I guess sometimes
I would rather be in a book than reality
But if we could talk you’ll see
That I am really not that bad

And I might not always express it
But my feelings are sometimes suffocating me
And I can’t always tell you
I will try,
maybe not in the ways you know
But hopefully you’ll pick up
on my thoughts

I sit and I listen
As a wallflower; I know the secrets
That are not always audible…
Slightly Lovely Mar 2021
I have never ached more,
for someone to call me good.
To look at me.
to press kisses to my face,
to rub circles on my skin.
to see me as a flower or the stars.
505 · Nov 2018
I remember....
Slightly Lovely Nov 2018
Closer and Closer
I watch as my hand touched yours,
You didn’t flinch,
But i know you’ll only like me in a platonic way.
I wish we weren't pulled apart,
I wish i didn’t argue and hiss,
I wish we weren't rivals from the start.
You’re eyes are violent and deep, a storm trapped inside a person.
The pieces of you I tease, are my way of hiding what I love.
Your hair, your anger…
It’s easier to simply forget, to not remember you’re human too.
To hide that time we bonded, that time you held me, the smile you so rarely flash…
Okay I'm not even going to hide it. This is total klance. I'm kinda having a hard ship. Like, ITS INTENSE MAN.
484 · Sep 2021
Please... Stay
Slightly Lovely Sep 2021
I knew you'd leave,
but I wanted you to lie to me
so I could pretend to be wanted,
just for a moment,
For a breath
A moment
A kiss
A lie
479 · Sep 2021
Can you love a dying thing?
Slightly Lovely Sep 2021
I am a ruiner,
As I gasp for breath,
Heaving my lungs
Desperatly trying to pull upwards
I latch onto you,
Everyone close to me,
Trying just to get to air,
And instead,
I drown you with me
And I'm sorry
But I'm not an Angel
I'm not even lovable,
All I ever do is hurt,
And break,
And ruin.
this is subpar at best :/
473 · Dec 2018
To you, the friends
Slightly Lovely Dec 2018
You, the boy with the large flannels and red hair,
You the boy with the puffy eyes and soft hugs,
The boy I don’t know well yet but already love,
The boy who smells of fallen leaves and cinnamon
You haven’t been in my world very long, but when I see you it makes my day
All the dumb jokes, easy smiles, and quiet understandings,
All of your soft affections are why I wish we were closer.

You, the girl with the high skirts and the curves,
You, the girl with tights and cat sweaters,
The girl who I wish for when I feel desperate, when I need a hug,
The girl who smells of floral air, of clean soap.
You provided a comfort I didn’t know I needed,
All the kisses on my cheek, the soft embraces and the warm intertwining of fingers,
All these things are why I’m so grateful I met you.

You the boy with the yellow beanie and the inked hands,
You, the boy who’s always laughing to scare away the sadness,
The boy who taught me the importance of acceptance,
The boy who smells of marshmallows and smoke.
You made me realize that there’s more to life than good grades and church,
All those deep conversations, the uncontrolled laughter, and the love for your friend group,
All these moments are all the reasons I’m so glad we’re friends.

You the girl with the long legs and the monotone clothes,
You, the girl with the elegant figure and the ever changing hair,
The girl who has always been there,
The girl who smells of pine needles and tea,
You who always knows, and is closer to me  than anyone,
All those inside jokes, soul sharing and constant support,
All this love is why I’m still here…

You, the boy with mocha skin and the dark eyes,
You, the boy with the charming personality and intimidating anger,
The boy who I wish I knew better,
The boy who smells like the dark clouds before a rainstorm,
You are unknown to me, but when you smile at me it makes my heart warm with motherly love,
All the kind remarks, humorous glances and small blushes
All of your characteristics make me yearn for a longer conversation.

You, the girl with the blonde curls and bold eyes,
You, the girl with the shared silence and the quiet mouth,
The girl who I rant to, the one who shares my book loving nature
The girl who will squeal over Harry Potter, and talk at the perfect times.
The girl who smells of new books and ocean spray,
You make me regret my too timid nature, make me wish we had started our friendship earlier,
All the random topics, long rants and knowing looks
All of  your endearing quirks are why I hope you never leave

You, the boy with the great style and fun hair,
You, the boy who is so extra and yet still calming,
The boy I can always hug and who always jokes,
The boy who lives in an unknown world of pop culture and makeup,
The one who smells of tree bark and bubbly cologne
You remind me of my brother, bringing with you familiarity and laughter,
All your performances, loud exclamations and soft conversations,
All aspects of you make me glad I got the ***** to make friends

You, the girl with the speckled face and brown eyes,
You, the girl with sass and snark
The girl who was always kind, and is always up for a conversation,
The girl willing to talk about everything and nothing at all
You who smells of softly tread dirt and new life,
All your pretty pictures, moments of comisory, and kind words,
All these things are why you make me smile
I'll probably add on to this later
457 · Nov 2018
You and Me
Slightly Lovely Nov 2018
Winter dreams and soft love,
Comfortable silences and quiet kisses
You and me, never together, but always held close.
446 · Sep 2019
Slightly Lovely Sep 2019
Naivety is a fickle thing,
A flame that comes and goes.
I find it in the small things,
but it slowly slips past my fingers,
when i try to keep it close
Slightly Lovely Oct 2019
I will never get tired of loving you.
Even if you are no longer mine.
Slightly Lovely Apr 2021
My type is unattainable women,
and arrogant men.
Sometimes it makes me wonder,
if that counts as self harm
or  maybe it's just God's cruel joke
I always seem to be the punch line...
Slightly Lovely Mar 2021
I am a half forgotten thing,
skin slowly starving,
living off the whisper of an embrace.
When was the last time lips pressed to me,
or hands caressed me?
Slightly Lovely Mar 2022
You deserved so much more than what you were given,
My love,
You deserve the smell of rain on concrete,
Of crying in a lover’s arms,
Hands through your hair,
Hugs from behind,
Swaying in an embrace as you make pasta,
Pj days and thrifting hauls,
And someone who will pick up your room and bring you cocoa when you can’t get out of bed.
My Darling,
You deserve the world,
And everything it has to offer.
Slightly Lovely Feb 2018
Be yourself
There is no one else
Be who you are
and say what you feel,
because those who mind don't matter,
and those who matter don't mind
And I don’t mind

I guess I Shouldn’t
cry because it's over,
But  smile because it happened
It might overcome the sadness,
But i never quite escape the nostalgia…

How do you live,
With these broken memories in your head,
And happy feelings in your heart?

No one ever listens
How do I move on with the weight of my past on my back,
The comfort so welcoming
I always cry
Over the things that don’t matter

Hiding the hurt,
hiding the pain,

Hiding the tears that fell like rain…
So long ago, and yet,
Time is weird in my head
Nostalgic feelings
342 · Nov 2019
to young me
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
you don't know what you'll become,
but i promise it's worth it.
This world has made you strong and kind.
oh, what a wondrous thing,
to say,
"i fell apart, and survived."

yes, you'll be okay.
just keep breathing.
335 · Nov 2019
i just want to let it go
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
just lie down on the smooth soil,
and rest beneath these grey clouds.
feel the rain pound your body,
and listen to its rhythmic sound.
You breathe in and out,
the sky capturing your breath,
but for once,
you do not notice,
and your veins dance with life.
you are calm, as the vines creep beneath you,
slowly pushing, tearing at flesh that was once theirs.
plants begin to burrow through your skin,
sprouting out your mouth,
your chest,
your arms.
Blooming up to the calming sky,
flowers stealing your life away,
so you can rest.
close your eyes and let the world fade away.
This is it. breath out, let it go.
325 · Nov 2021
Slightly Lovely Nov 2021
you were pliant,
skin yielding under my hands,
lips velvet over mine,
everything about you
dips, perfect and smooth
how could someone so sweet, so soft,
leave me so bloodied?
321 · Nov 2020
cracks and fissures
Slightly Lovely Nov 2020
We shared a pain,
                                   cracks spreading over both our porcelain faces.
                             If i told you,
            would the fissures begin to fade?
Would you feel loved?

                                                         ­                        (or would you hide away?)
                                                      Coul­d we talk at night?
                                     As the chasm we both feel begins to gape,
         as our hearts ache and the distractions fade?

(or would you hate me?)
Slightly Lovely Apr 2021
It's been 2 years,
but when someone asked me,
"If you could go back in time would you?"
I said yes.
Because I would give anything to be with you.
I wouldn't waste a second,
I would tell you I loved you the second you asked
I would reach out to my brother,
I'd tell my family at a different time,
I would know exactly what not to do,
And maybe, just maybe,
You could've stayed.
#when you have homophobic parents who tore apart your first love and you thought you'd get over it but you haven't
Slightly Lovely Dec 2019
I rather get a text from you,
saying "I miss you"
then a text confessing
"I love you."
from anyone else.
310 · Dec 2019
Slightly Lovely Dec 2019
Your room,
A lake.

These are the places in your life where society does not expect you to spend money. You simply go there to be.
309 · Jun 2019
Slightly Lovely Jun 2019
The water crashes down
I watch it fade away, this year, these friends,
What will happen to us?
The murky depths are swirling and pushing,
I wish i was with you.
I relive the waterfall, my eyes burning, my lungs cold,
It's like it happened yesterday, and I still can't find the surface
I wish it could all stay, I don't want you to go...
307 · Jun 2019
t e e n a g e r
Slightly Lovely Jun 2019
You ask me to stay young, but think maturely,
You want me to behave like an adult but treat me like a child,
You expect me to be emotional, but shut me down when I am.

You take my words as stupid and irrational,
when all my teachers listen.
Why would you even send me to school,
if you won't listen to my educated beliefs?

My friends say I'm smart and pretty and kind, responsible and fun
My family treats me like I'm rebellious and stupid.
And my sister calls me fat and mean and boring.
It's so hard to like what I am when everyone I love,
tells me different information.
288 · Nov 2019
conditional love
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
you loved the smell of the flowers I bloomed,
and called your love unconditional,
but when I showed my roots,
you burned them,
only to watch me squirm.
my parents are hard.
285 · Nov 2019
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
You, are not broken.
You will rise again,
so close this book and
guys, im like really fcking sad
282 · Nov 2018
I always knew
Slightly Lovely Nov 2018
Glittering snow and fall forests
You tilt your head,
Fires rage in silent icy whispers,
I rest, enjoying the pillow your shoulder provides
The leaves dapple everything in reds and golds…
I take a risk, nuzzling into your neck…
Dark clouds bring the promise of a white morn
You lean into me, and I revel in our companionship

People are as flighty and reliable as the weather,
And I always knew it wouldn’t last,
But you left as quickly as the rain, and you’ll never return...
280 · Nov 2019
#5 of my notes to you
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
Does your heart still beat when you see me?
Or am I just screaming alone in the dark?
279 · Apr 2018
Dreamt alone
Slightly Lovely Apr 2018
A face long gone,
A lover never known,
A place forgotten,
All because,
I’m alone…

Rain is falling,
The sun shining,
Moods changing,
My worlds’ falling,
I will hang on,
Even though it’s hard,
I need the pain
To know that It’s reality,
And not a dream…

Why did you leave?,
I needed you here,
But It’s okay,
You have your own fears,
I have to fight, to stay awake,
But with you gone,
It all seems to fade...
278 · Mar 2019
Don't Leave
Slightly Lovely Mar 2019
Fall through the door,
I'm always too late,
Scared of my luck,
Calling for more,
I'm always in the sunshine.
I hope you'll forgive me,
I'll always forget,
but please don't leave me.
277 · Oct 2018
I’m From
Slightly Lovely Oct 2018
I’m from Late night movies, goodnight phone calls, and reading till morning.

I’m from dragonfly walls, lost sleepovers, and 3am hot-tubbing.

I’m from spadolini sauce, moonpies, peach rings, and truffle popcorn.

I’m from my struggles that made me strong, my joy that propelled me through life, and my friends who taught me the beauty of the broken hearted.

I’m from the lyrics of Oh wonder, Lily Ire, and Elizaveta.

I’m from the movement of air past my face, the spinning of limbs through silk, and the taut of my muscles before I fly.

I’m from my mom with her comforting touch, and my Dad with his sweet humor.

I’m From Driving through tunnels of green - darkness all around -hand out the window, music blasting-  And My brother sitting next to me, singing like an angel...
This is a project for school, but i learned a lot about myself in the process. Pls enjoy
Slightly Lovely Apr 2021
And I dreamed I met you at an airport,
History stretching between us,
And you were teasing and coy,
Like you knew who I was,
But it was our first meeting.
Maybe we met like that in the next life, or the past.
Maybe this was always meant to be,
But in the dream I was so sure I would wake up next to you,
I don't know what this means for me
257 · Apr 2018
Poem from my young years
Slightly Lovely Apr 2018
I miss my friend
The girl she used to be,
I love her but how do i tell her that she is my best friend,
and also tell her that she is sometimes so mean that i don’t know what to do?

She is nice 3 out of 5,
But is 2 enough to say stop?
I know she’s hurting,
But is that an excuse to continue hurting others?

When something happy happens, will she let it last?
Or will it be the end of everything?
Does she know how much we need each other?
We are like two magnets with a vertical piece of wood between them,
If one lets go the other would fall.

Summer’s over rated, it’ll never be ok until
friends can be friends,
And we can always be together...
257 · Sep 2021
s i c k
Slightly Lovely Sep 2021
There are mornings,
where my bed is a casket,
where I do not breath,
I do not see,
I cannot rise,
And I have no life to save,
to cry,
to sleep,
to be anything,
or any more of myself
For I am exhausting,
and I find stillness only in my death.
pmdd, ptsd, and seasonal depression is a rough combo at 6 in the morning
253 · May 2022
A Girl or a God?
Slightly Lovely May 2022
I am a God,
A being never believed or understood,
Begging to be loved and seen,
And I am a Girl
A being never believed or understood,
Begging to be loved and seen,
And maybe these are the same
And maybe we are all just crying in the dark,
Afraid to be alone,
And ready to be worshipped.
248 · Nov 2019
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
I have always  tried my best to share my world,
painting, writing, sketching.
But you weren't an artist.
You felt untalented.
but, my dear Melilla,
you were the   a r t
243 · Feb 2019
why won't you speak?
Slightly Lovely Feb 2019
Kindred spirit of mine,
An Aesthete of nature,
Tenaciously stubborn,
Eunioic minded.
For my friend...
Slightly Lovely Nov 2019
I didn't mean to,

and I'm so terribly sorry for what I've caused.
please, please forgive me.
228 · Oct 2018
Slightly Lovely Oct 2018
As long as I'm with you it's okay.
You wrap me in your arms,
protecting me from myself.
My heart was yours from the start.
In this unwavering love, your peace surrounds me
I'm found in you, and here I'll stay
lost from the world
223 · Apr 2021
Slightly Lovely Apr 2021
I want to be so much lighter than I am
220 · Oct 2018
Slightly Lovely Oct 2018
A thousand delicate moments,
of fall forests, and moon music...
A soft whisper,
of peachy dreams, and diamond winds...
Reaching, always searching,
An impossibility, a forbidden caress.
I can never have  You.
214 · Jan 2019
I know... but why not try?
Slightly Lovely Jan 2019
I know I’m upset,
I know that being proud and insecure at the same time makes no sense,
But do you really not like me?
Are we not able to talk, to connect?
All I wish for, is to be friends...
What is so wrong with that?
200 · Sep 2019
Slightly Lovely Sep 2019
Sometimes I have to take a deep breath,
and remind myself that i'm not breaking,
only growing
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