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Moonbeam Dream Apr 2022
walk into the coffee shop and see you smile from behind the counter
We chat and laugh then I see her walk out with her
dark hair
beautiful eyes
and long legs
I’m envious
And then I watch you watch her
you watch her sway back and forth as she sweeps
you watch her laugh with the locals
as I sit in the corner pining for your gaze
and it hurts so much
but I know what this is between us  
it’s not love
it’s just lust between two passing souls who
might have belonged at one point
but no longer connect
i haven’t wrote in a long time but I miss it
Moonbeam Dream Jul 2020
perfectly imperfect
that’s how I’d describe us
if there even was an us to describe
we use eachother time and time again
you don’t love me
and I know that
but deep down I wish you did
not because I love you
but because I’m greedy
I want the feeling
the notion that i have you on a string
that I can get you to do what I please
What can I say?
I’m greedy.
Moonbeam Dream Jul 2020
I once again let you touch my skin
Let you feed off me
Using me when you needed someone
Someone to fill that void
The void that anyone could fill
But it had to be me
Always me  
I let you use me
But baby how I love the feeling
of being used by you
Moonbeam Dream Apr 2020
Oh love, it feels like I’ve just been punched in the stomache
like the air in my lungs has been replaced with poison
like my body has been taken over by some intergalactic force
as I know your falling asleep talking to  her and not me
your reminiscing and laughing with her
call it jealousy,call it hate, hell call it love
but please don’t  leave
Moonbeam Dream Apr 2020
found a old poem u wrote me today ...
can’t help but wonder
if u write her poems too
Moonbeam Dream Apr 2020
i hate the fact that I remind you of her
i hate the fact that when you say that
sometimes it means your thinking of her when your with me
i don’t think you ever got over her
not fully
and that breaks me
because I can’t be with half of someone
i want the whole you
and you can’t give me that if she still has a part of you
Moonbeam Dream Mar 2020
i think the trouble is we are all
so invested in finding the person
that makes them feel like they are
the only person in the world
when the truth is, everyone’s replaceable.
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