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wide awake in the night,
our memories are the only light,
pain in my veins,
how did it all go up in flames?

i look to the moon and stare,
glorious misery fills the air.
i wanted another chance,
but you said this was our last dance.
if i let you inside,
i could no longer hide,
i’m scared of what you’ll find,
if you wandered through my mind
Moonbeam Dream Dec 2019
i live in fear
fear of resentment
fear of abandonment
fear of myself.
im afraid I won’t amount to anything
that my life will be a waste
im afraid i won’t truly live
that i will be just another cookie cutter
replica of the  blonde hair,
blue eyed girl next door
i can’t live like that
because that’s not living
thats existing
Moonbeam Dream Dec 2019
you don’t understand
when i say
i don’t want to lose you
i mean it
not only because i love you
but because i can’t afford to
lose anyone else
Moonbeam Dream Dec 2019
“We are poets.
  We don’t cry,
  We bleed on paper”
Moonbeam Dream Dec 2019
Please don’t leave
I’m not sure my heart can take it
It’s fragile like paper
yea, a paper heart.
Worn down to a single layer
so very thin
it’s torn at every edge,
soaked in the tears
that have bled from my eyes
for years.
it’s bruised and scratched
and struggles to beat
so please I beg
don’t give it a reason to stop
Moonbeam Dream Dec 2019
you can deny it
but do I need to rip
my bleeding heart
from my chest
to show you the scars
that are carved in your
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