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SMILEY Sep 2015
I dont know who I am
Or where Im going
And this is such a tight jam
I havent tried escaping
But as far as they can see
I got it figured out
And I know how
To go about this
All this change

I used to have a light of guidance
To help me move forward
That light has been lost
Just like me

I have hope that the answers will come to mo
I have fear to search for them
I shall only glance over
But not go digging

What if my next move destroys me
What if I never make a move again

I look to my left and I see
What my old self would do
I look to my right and I see
Impulsive decision making

I am not the old me
But I havent made a new me

When I look forward
Where the future lies
I see nothing
Something is in the way
Could it just be me
The world
My emotions

I still have nothing figured out
No plans
No ideas
Just patience
And curiosity
No clear vision
No direction
This is my life at the moment.
SMILEY Aug 2015
I said I can do it
I was on a four month roll
I had it all
Then I joined the old group
And they had what I was deprived of
I thought I liked being away from it
But once I smelt it
I was back to it
Wanting it
Loving it
Inhale, exhale
Uphill, next hill
Pocket dragon me, blazer.
Ive been in love with her ever since I laid flame on her.
Mary Jane.
SMILEY Aug 2015
She acts like my friend
Until I mess up
Which is completely normal
I mess up sometimes
She doesn't get it
She overreacts
Doesn't talk to me
Doesn't want to work it out
Shes ruthless
Tries to keep me from happiness
Which is him
And them
And that
Shes wise
But not understanding
Shes nice
But not concerned
Shes funny
But doesn't joke around
Shes great
But believes that too much
Shes above
But not as much as she thinks
Shes amazing
But is shocking in all ways
Shes my mother
But she didn't choose me
SMILEY Aug 2015
I see greatness in him
I can imagine him moving mountains
Saving lives with his smile
He has power over me
At any point he could completely destroy me
I would be dead inside without him
Hes just what I need
All I need
All I have
It scares me
To think of all the possibilities
Good and bad
Change just isn't my thing

I miss him all day long
Every little thing reminds me of him
Every cute scene in a movie
Every couple I see
Ive never felt this way before
And I don't mind
Because I know that if I fall
He will be there to catch me
And lift me up as high as I can go
Drives me crazy..
SMILEY Aug 2015
My mind is blank of things to type on this screen
I have no inspiration
No rhythm
I haven't lost it all
Not quite yet
Its just drifting
And its time to go searching
Things just aren't the same anymore.
  Jul 2015 SMILEY
Kristen Renee Smith
I cuddle with it anytime I'm in my bed
You've had it since you were young
I really liked that thing that you said
About how you want it to give me hope
It feels good whenever I wear it
About myself and my future too
Its baggy but it kinda fits
Where did you go in this shirt- and what did you do?
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