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Sep 2015
I dont know who I am
Or where Im going
And this is such a tight jam
I havent tried escaping
But as far as they can see
I got it figured out
And I know how
To go about this
All this change

I used to have a light of guidance
To help me move forward
That light has been lost
Just like me

I have hope that the answers will come to mo
I have fear to search for them
I shall only glance over
But not go digging

What if my next move destroys me
What if I never make a move again

I look to my left and I see
What my old self would do
I look to my right and I see
Impulsive decision making

I am not the old me
But I havent made a new me

When I look forward
Where the future lies
I see nothing
Something is in the way
Could it just be me
The world
My emotions

I still have nothing figured out
No plans
No ideas
Just patience
And curiosity
No clear vision
No direction
This is my life at the moment.
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