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Niharika S Jan 2019
I was right there,
Always besides you,
Waiting for you to see me,
Waiting for you to care.

You just had to care,
It doesn't take that much,
But you would rather have fleeting uncaring relationships,
Than explore a possibility of 'us' as such.

Was there a connection?
Was there a spark?
Or was it all in my head?
Was I really shooting in the dark?

Why did it feel so real to me?
When you felt nothing,
Why did you lead me on?
When this was never to become into something.

Is it really just my fault?
Or you had some role to play,
I can't think about this anymore,
As I always end in dismay.

I'll forget our surreal meetings
I'll forget how it felt,
All the happy memories,
Will now be painfully dealt.

I'll let you be as I respect your desires,
But I'll always wonder,
Why didn't you see me?
Why didn't you ignite the fire?
SMILEY Aug 2015
I said I can do it
I was on a four month roll
I had it all
Then I joined the old group
And they had what I was deprived of
I thought I liked being away from it
But once I smelt it
I was back to it
Wanting it
Loving it
Inhale, exhale
Uphill, next hill
Pocket dragon me, blazer.
Ive been in love with her ever since I laid flame on her.
Mary Jane.

— The End —