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18/M/Canada    don't go near me, i'm fine
In the ruins of the heart    I write sins with innocence. A partial list of things currently inside me: 1. Blood 2. Skull 3. Ghost
Joseph Schneider
Over the Rainbow    Poems are alive. They say a thousand words, keep a thousand memories and show a thousand emotions.
Queenie Florentino
Philippines    "poetry is flawed as its poet." - qyf When I heard someone, after reading my poems, dubbed me as "Dark Poet," me said to him ...
If I haven't posted in a while don't think of me as gone. I remain here waiting for my inspiration to hit me in the ...
Dark n Beautiful
New York    I am who I am that warm and cuddly a lover of poetry and one lovely lady. that me Dark@Beautiful Perhaps some of my poems ...
21/M/Kansas    Everybody has something to say
Kacey M Stalla
Bismarck, ND    I write slam/spoken word poetry mostly however I tend to dabble in other forms of poetry and writing from time to time. I am quirky. ...
heaven    Stronger then I thought. message me whenever you'd like ♡ Keep up with this account on twitter @mercy7375
Chelsea Patton
USA (PA)    Hey guys I'm 18 and I'm senior in high school. I hope you guys like my poems. I am a Christian. Taken :) If you ...
John Byrd
Detroit    Renaissance man. 20 year old college student and poet.
Kelley A Vinal
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Tommy Jackson
A writer and an artist. A musician as well. In need of a Savior, I was just a shell. I was a heavy drinker. Alcoholic, ...
Check out my insanely talented friend:
F/India    I am just a gal with dreamy eyes,with varied interest and loads of hope...My poems are the words that come from the deeper, more sub-conscious ...
25/F/Canada    Sarah Ahmed
30/F/nowhere/everywhere    i am a figment of my own imagination
California    Journal entries. I'm not as sad as you think you read.
Arcassin B
23/M/Palm Coast , FL    I'm a poet with dreams I'm 23 I'm also an artist --------------> lllllll ✌
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