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  Jul 2015 SMILEY
Kacey M Stalla
I am not alone.

but I am sitting here with no company to keep
and so I feel lonely

I am not ugly.

but still I stare at this reflection as if it will change
and so I don't feel all that pretty

I am not stupid.

but here I am questioning what the hell is wrong with me
and so I feel inferior

I am not crazy.

but here I am.
and again.

I am questioning everything that is me

from the fabric I am wearing to the very fabric of my being
I am laying powder and sprouting mountains

I am surrounding myself with negativity
and somehow I am feeling so alive when I know I shouldn't be

I am not happy.

and I can say everything that I am not
but I can not figure out what I am feeling

I am not okay.

But my heart is beating
and so I keep trying
  Jul 2015 SMILEY
Through all the madness around me
You've been my constant, my happiness

I need you |
SMILEY Jul 2015
I've been questioning
Our love
I've lost what it means
I want to find the source
But you messed up
And I get it
Its hard to wait
But aren't I worth waiting for
Its a selfish thing
To break someone's heart
To scar them
And ruin their future in a way
By making them fearful
Of the fall
Because the crash they've had
  Jul 2015 SMILEY
an uncommon aura
A child screamed
for his mother
to come rescue him
from the torments
of a caterpillar.

A lawyer ached
at the loss
of his beloved,
his beautiful
Tiger lillies.

A father struggled
to convince
his son against
stealing the wrong
girl's heart.

A businessman sold
out of the life
he built
and slaved over
for a rush.

A husband looked
at his wife
and smiled
at her cheeks
and the bruises
he put on them.

A drug addict attacked
and begged
his parents
for something
to eat.

The other day
I saw an old man
no longer crying
over bugs
or caring much
for flowers.

The other day
someone traded
their love
and their blood
for a needle
and a spoon.

The other day
I buried
my father
and cursed
his name.
My name.

SMILEY Jul 2015
I wake up each morning
Earlier than usual
So I could talk with you
About anything
We could talk for days
And end up covering just a few topics

You tell me about how things are going
I give you advice
I tell you about how things are flowing
You say that's nice
I asked you about
That one night
What if
And you think it was right
What actually happened
You ask me how I see us in the future
I say I see eternity
You hope that's where we're going
And I agree
SMILEY Jul 2015
i'm crossfaded
because i'm drunk on love
while his love is my drug
  Jul 2015 SMILEY
Kelley A Vinal
I fell
I slept
And wished
Upon an astral projection
My state was not that of lucidity
But rather, it was that of harmony
Intertwining with the weaves and sinews and basket-like patterns
That are the universe
Our minds
Forming a collective soul
A collective consciousness
Everyone seeing the same projection
In completely different realities
I fell
I slept
I saw
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