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Secret Whispers Sep 2018
Papá, I’m sorry for all the wrong turns I’ve made along the road,
When help and support was all you showed.

You tried to warn me that the world can be cold,
But I become weak and so I fold.
You teach me to be righteous and bold,
But I find a way to cope.. and you know the rest.. it’s the same old..

And I know it’s not fair,
I can’t let you see me this way even though you say you’re always there.
Please, be aware.
I’m smiling now, I don’t want to give you a scare..
Papá bear.
Not everything is what it seems to be. I’m sorry, I’m trying..

“Hay mucha maldad en la vida, Hija. Tienes que ponerte lista.”
SMILEY Aug 2015
I said I can do it
I was on a four month roll
I had it all
Then I joined the old group
And they had what I was deprived of
I thought I liked being away from it
But once I smelt it
I was back to it
Wanting it
Loving it
Inhale, exhale
Uphill, next hill
Pocket dragon me, blazer.
Ive been in love with her ever since I laid flame on her.
Mary Jane.
Xyns Apr 2014
And  it hurt
Hurt so bad

And I caved
Caved again

And I know
I'll never make it

— The End —