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Jan 2021 · 49
Solaris Lanayru Jan 2021
Lonely was I who didn't even try
To see the light right there in his eyes
Lonely was the girl who refused to see
Always pretending she was blind like he

Yet stumble, trip, and fall
Hands against the wall
I look up and see
Your beautiful eyes staring back at me
Jul 2020 · 73
Solaris Lanayru Jul 2020
Chilled as Arctic Ice
Devoid of any emotion
She lays still at the bottom of the sea
Waiting for someone to set her free
Feb 2020 · 94
Untitled Lyrics
Solaris Lanayru Feb 2020
One of these days, I want
To find a guy to take away my heart
Someone to spend every day with
Some guy to enjoy all my time with

One of these days, I will...
Get to know you better and still
Love you more with every passing day
At least that's part of what I wanna say

Every other day I'm wondering
Is this what love is really like?
I really can not wait for the day
When I can  forever call you mine

Every other day I'm wondering
Do you feel the same way too?
I know you're just as happy
'Cause I know that you love me too

I don't need anyone else
You're the only one for me
"Isn't that guy pretty hot too?"
You're the only one I see

I think that you're the perfect guy
To always be right at my side
I hope that I will do my best
To keep your heart in my best interest

Every other day I'm wondering
Is this what love is really like?
I really can not wait for the day
When I can  forever call you mine

Every other day I'm wondering
Do you feel the same way too?
I know you're just as happy
'Cause I know that you love me too

Just watch me walking down that aisle
Encouraged by your gentle smile
I feel a tear run down my cheek
Happiness at it's best this week

Holding your gentle hands in mine
How did life ever get this fine?
I'll always be by your side
If you promise to always stay by mine

Every other day I'm wondering
Is this what love is really like?
I really can not wait for the day
When I can  forever call you mine

Every other day I'm wondering
Do you feel the same way too?
I know you're just as happy
'Cause I know that you love me too

Da da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da da
'Cause I know that you love me too

Da da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da da da
Da da da da da da da da da
'Cause I know that you love me too
An altered version of Imposter Syndrome by Sydney Gish
Sep 2019 · 154
Solaris Lanayru Sep 2019
No one knows
No one sees
The ghostly faded parts of me

I smile, laugh, and put on a mask
A simple facade
But will it last?

You say you love me
I say I do too
But is any of this really even true?
Sep 2019 · 265
If I Didn’t Have You
Solaris Lanayru Sep 2019
If I didn’t have you
Life would look so blue
Or gray and white and black as night
If only I could keep up this fight
To be by your side and see your smile
I would even travel several miles
Just to be with you again
But for now, all my love I will send
Aug 2019 · 163
Imaginary Insanity
Solaris Lanayru Aug 2019
I have lots of friends you see
Lots of people that admire me
Truth be told you cannot see them
Truth be told you cannot hear them
Yet they are there cheering me on
Gale, Sarah, Kai, Chelsea,  and so on
Lots of friends gather around
No one ever making a sound
Yet words are heard
And words are said
And that's when they tied me to that bed
Told me I was crazy
Said I was insane
But really? C'mon guys...
Let's all play the game
Aug 2019 · 92
End of an Act
Solaris Lanayru Aug 2019
If my words can reach you
Hear me out
Those voices in my head
They only shout
They tell me to leave
That this isn't right
That I should just go
It's not worth the fight
But what do I care?
I wouldn't know
If this is all wrong
Then just end the show
Draw the curtain
Dim the lights
The actress is dead
She's nowhere in sight
Jul 2019 · 87
My Promise To You
Solaris Lanayru Jul 2019
I close my eyes as I think of you
Your lips pressed gently to mine
Hold me tighter, I love you too
I hope you'll stay with me until the end of time
Roses are red
Violets are blue
I hope that together
Our love will shine through

When the days turn gray
And the nights turn cold
With you I will stay
And your hand I will endlessly hold
Jul 2019 · 86
On The Last Day
Solaris Lanayru Jul 2019
Close your eyes
Take a breath
I am all that you have left
Wrap your arms around my waist
You're all I want to taste
When the stars cease to shine
And moon dims its glow
I'll love you forever
This I hope you know
As the earth starts to crumble
And our world starts to fade
I hope you are happy with the paradise we've made
Our memories are strong
They are the ones that will live on
As we sing our final song
Jul 2019 · 77
Human Sacrifice
Solaris Lanayru Jul 2019
Alone stands a girl at the water's edge
Staring longingly into the mist
Slowly she reaches a hand out
Stretching it out in front of her
As if begging him to come back
But he is long gone lost in the fog
Slowly, one by one, faster and faster
The tears start to fall from her face
Knowing deep within her soul
The fate she must endure
A shadow shrouds her in darkness
And for the first time in her life
She feels an immeasurable amount of terror
Life itself flashing quickly
A sharp pain but then it's gone
Everything is silent and her world has gone dark
Is this what death feels like?
Jul 2019 · 1.3k
Dark Twist
Solaris Lanayru Jul 2019
Don't listen to that voice
The one within your mind
That tells you everything is going to be okay

Because it's not

You know it's not

You struggle every day and every night
Always tired of this fight
It draws you in and lures you too far
Then you're trapped and there's no going back
So why bother?

Why bother?
Why care?
It's not like anyone is there
To hear you cry out for help
Or to see you reach out desperately

So you sit there and you cry

Until the one you truly love comes along
To pull you back from the depths of the hell within your head
Jul 2019 · 84
Ocean Troubles
Solaris Lanayru Jul 2019
It's like a dream
Lying there on the ocean floor
The cool currents caressing my body
Open my mouth just a bit
To see the bubbles float away
Though my body feels heavy with the weight of worries
And yet somehow you dive in
You gracefully swim to the ocean floor
And as you take my hand
My worries are no more
Together we swim to the surface
Breaking through the waves
To see the light of a beautiful new day
May 2019 · 117
On a Bad Day...
Solaris Lanayru May 2019
Why am I always so sad?
Why am I filled with pain?
These are the things I ask
Answers I never gain
And why do I cry?
All the **** time?
It's draining and painful
Is sadness a crime?
To think that one time
I used to be happy
But now life is bleak
And I just feel ******
May 2019 · 84
Top Student
Solaris Lanayru May 2019
Lift your head high
Take a deep breath
Show them your skill
All of what's left
Energy flows
And brilliant sparks fly
Show them that you
Can now fly through the sky
Top speed ahead
Let the beat drop
Spin through the air
You're going to be on top
First on the board
Top of the list
You passed all the marks
That everyone missed
Now as you sigh
And energy slows
You drop your pen
Lean back as time slows
Imagine taking an exam and the relief once it's over
Feb 2019 · 100
Comfort in Darkness
Solaris Lanayru Feb 2019
Deep and dark like the depths of the sea
My soul is darker than the blackest tea
Smile I may but that's all a lie
All I really want to do is cry
In order for one to truly be happy...
Don't finish that, it sounds way to sappy
I favor the dark and retreat from the light
It's just how I am, no reason to fight
So don't look at me like I can be saved
Diving into darkness is just what I crave
Feb 2019 · 88
Goddess of Change
Solaris Lanayru Feb 2019
Through space and time, heaven and hell
The sky is where the goddess dwells
She sees the world with a look of disgust
There is no other soul that she can trust
Each nation on Earth, different leaders to each
She watches as they can't practice what they preach
Hypocrisy here and narcissism there
There is a darkness lingering in the air
A perfect world she must create
In order to change the world before its too late
Feb 2019 · 73
Dark Thoughts
Solaris Lanayru Feb 2019
They ask me why I'm so quiet and shy
But they don't realize what goes on inside
A tortured soul with violent raging thoughts
A lonely corpse being dragged through each hell
I don't say a word nor gesture or smile
Because if they knew...
They wouldn't last the while
Because no one plans a ****** out loud
Feb 2019 · 109
Anxiety's Oasis
Solaris Lanayru Feb 2019
Through the darkest of days lie pitch black depths
You sink deeper and faster with each passing moment
They said you'd be fine and all would go well
Until the room goes dark and things start to spin
The air gets cold and it's hard to breathe
As the tight constricting grip squeezes the life from your body
You struggle and fight to keep yourself sane
But in the end its all just a waste
Don't trust them, don't like them
It's all just a nightmare
But when you wake up you're still there
There where the darkness crept up to you
Because it will never let you go
Jan 2019 · 140
Solaris Lanayru Jan 2019
The sunlight reflects off a glassy world
Drip drop as water falls into the sun
Ripples flow and time freezes
The air is still and silent

A flash of light and a gentle breeze
The water pushes away
To reveal an earthy canvas
Engraved with the sun's reflection
Dec 2018 · 92
The Art of Writing
Solaris Lanayru Dec 2018
Writing words upon a page
Letter by letter the ink will spread
Leaving a story to be told
And whether that story is good or not
It depends on the reader
So as my words flow from type to text
I wonder who will enjoy it
It matters not because I don't write for fame
I write to express my soul
So tap tap tap and typing away
I have lots of words to say
Dec 2018 · 137
Eternity in the Future
Solaris Lanayru Dec 2018
Sitting by the fire
Snuggled up next to you
A warm cup of tea
And two cats sleeping nearby
The winds swirl around our home
The home that you made for me and you
Holding my belly to keep our child warm
As the temperature stays so cold
Wrapped in a blanket and filled with your love
I gently close my eyes
And hope to make this moment last
For eternity
Oct 2018 · 214
Valley of Mist
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Through the mists I see
A hidden valley shrouded
In cold chilly air
A mystic place of beauty
A beautiful sight to see
My first Tanka poem
Oct 2018 · 145
Elegy of Emptiness
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
When you left
You left a gap
A hole in a once strong bond
Our family slowly drifted apart
We wept and cried but not for long
For we knew we'd see you again one day
When our time has finally come
But you're not here and I feel alone
I'd like a little advice, just some
I still miss my grandmother who passed away about 5 years ago
Oct 2018 · 816
She Cries
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Alone sits a girl
Holding her knees
Her long hair covering her face
The sounds of her weeping
Drives you mad
For Halloween?
Oct 2018 · 462
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Have you ever heard
The cries of a broken love
It will heal with time
Oct 2018 · 149
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Love is not simple
We do what we can and try
Only to give up
I haven't written a haiku in AGES. Hopefully this is okay.
Oct 2018 · 132
Morning Assurance
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
As sunshine slips its way past my curtains
The morning mist begins to clear
I wake up slowly and yawn a bit
I realize that there's nothing to fear

Today is a new day
One that shines bright
Today won't be the day
That I give up my fight
Oct 2018 · 87
It's Dark
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Deepest darkest resolution
When will I find a solution?
To cure the darkness in my soul
Because loving you had taken its toll
Oct 2018 · 201
The Life We Live
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Money can't buy happiness
That's what we are told
Then why are our hearts filled with greed?
Greedy world leaders leads to war
And selfish partners lead to broken hearts
Why does the world revolve around money?

Money is the root of all that is evil
Once we get a taste we always want more
Nothing in life matters more than money
Everyone needs it
You can't change that fact
Oct 2018 · 69
Let Go and Smile
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Drowning in a sea of lies
And cutting off all the ties
He thinks he got the best of me
But I have changed and soon he'll see
That I am no longer weak and frail
My love is no longer up for sale
I'll save it for someone someday I trust
Someone who isn't consumed by lust
Oct 2018 · 81
Thinking Positive
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Save me from the horrors that live within my soul
For trying to keep them hidden has really taken a toll
Sometimes I lie awake at night
And I wonder when I'll lose this fight

But something someone has shared with me
Has really lightened the gravity
No longer do I wish to die
I think I'll give life another try
Oct 2018 · 258
The Gift I Gave You
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
The gift I gave you
Meant so much to me
And when you left
You threw it away

Now there's nothing left to say
Oct 2018 · 71
Lilac Skies
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
You know when you're sad you feel a little blue?
And when you're angry it's red and painful too

What happens when you mix the two?
Lilac skies and vibrant hues.

You can be sad and mad and hate yourself
But take those feelings off the shelf

Mix them together and you will find
A lovely color most pure and divine

The beautiful sadness that you now embrace
Washes the tears away without a trace
You can't smile unless you've cried
Oct 2018 · 136
Spooky Night
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Swiftly sway and switch that beat
The dance of the dead is really neat
Come on down and have a drink
You'll be happy before you blink
Take my hand and twirl with me
This frightful moment one must see
This deadly night comes once a year
No need to worry there's nothing to fear
Getting tired? Drink again!
There's still moonlight left to spend
The moon shines bright throughout the night
This Halloween night is quite the sight
Oct 2018 · 191
Hope in a Sunset
Solaris Lanayru Oct 2018
Dazzling lights across the sky
A moment of peace to catch one's eye
As the sun slips below
The moon rises with another day in tow
Lightly resting on the horizon's edge
She whispers softly a single pledge
To find her love once again
So that her broken heart may mend
So she can see another day
And to her "I love you" he will say
Aug 2018 · 95
Solaris Lanayru Aug 2018
Falling gently, one by one,
The cherry blossoms fall
The night sky, chilled by frigid drifting snow,
Grows darker by the hour as the snow starts to glow
One petal here, some scatter there,
There's soft pink petals swirling everywhere.
If only those petals would last forever
It'd be a memory I couldn't sever
Thousands of cherry blossoms drifting away
Bringing light to those who wish to see another day
Jul 2018 · 106
Solaris Lanayru Jul 2018
Dearest dearest wishes from the heart
We don't know when they'll fall apart
Scattered dreams
A broken mess
Why can't I pass this horrible test?
The test of life is so unfair
I cry and cry and tug my hair
Yet only one of you can overcome
The hatred I have for all of them
I hate humans yes it's true
As I hate the sky so blue
Yet one of you has earned my trust
So only love me if you must
Jul 2018 · 124
When Life Throws You Lemons
Solaris Lanayru Jul 2018
When life throws you lemons
Make lemonade
But when life throws you rocks
It won't ruin your parade
Stand up tall and smile bright
A new idea is about to take flight
When life throws you lemons
You make lemonade
But when life throws you rocks
You make concrete
To make some steps up to the top
For all these rocks is what you've got
Jun 2018 · 104
Solaris Lanayru Jun 2018
Poetry is like cooking
Poets are like chefs
We start with the basic recipe and add to it
Hoping that the reader will enjoy all of it
Starting with a favorite format
We add this and a little of that
Some sadness here and laughter there
Emotions flowing everywhere!
So how do you like your meal today?
It is a little too bland you say?
Then I'll throw in some sugar and add some spice
Hopefully you enjoy this slice of life

Walking home from work one day
Along the wall made of clay
I see a note upon my door
And as I entered, flower petals on the floor
They lead to the backyard, a patio so fresh
I seem to think this is a test
But as I walk outside I see
You are there waiting for me
As the sun starts to set
I feel like I did when we first met
Jun 2018 · 95
Solaris Lanayru Jun 2018
As I gaze upon the stars at night
Let me hold you close and tight
No one knows when it will end
So please just allow me to spend
All my time with you forever
Before the day this world is severed

The stars shine bright upon this blanket of night
Why is it that we always fight?
Little things, here and there
To start arguments everywhere

Sometimes I wonder why
All the gods in the sky
Gave me the life they chose
I am nothing more than a dying rose
Once long ago shimmering with life
And now all I long for is a knife
To sever me from all my trouble
Hoping to escape into a bubble

This bubble of sorrow, it envelopes me
And now your love is all I see
Jun 2018 · 105
Mirrored Madness
Solaris Lanayru Jun 2018
Oh mirror mirror on the wall
Who's the most worthless of them all?
I try and try and try again
But no way in Hell I'd ever be a ten
Why is it that in all my mess
You still want to see me in a dress
To walk with pride down the aisle
As if I'd ever pass this trial...

Your smile hurts me more than tears
I wish I can spend with you all my years
But life quickly pulls me away from you
If only you could see it too...

The distorted image that stares back at me
Grins with malice as it hears my plea
Just go away and don't come back
Please just let my world fade to black...
Jun 2018 · 88
Why the World is Sh!t
Solaris Lanayru Jun 2018
Have you ever wondered why
People's hearts are darker than the sky?
A little tale from long ago
Tells a story that isn't so
A story about peace and calm
Yet the world is more like a time bomb
Waiting waiting for the day
Where people won't know what to say
People people everywhere
None of them give a care
Not a care in the world from people all over
We'll need more than a four leaf clover
To bring this world back from the dead
The world is ****
That's what should be said
Don't be a ****
May 2018 · 96
Broken Hearted
Solaris Lanayru May 2018
Tell me tell me do you know
The story of the heart that glows?
A heart so pure and bright at night
It's beauty really is quite the sight
But do you know that it is no more?
There are scattered bits upon the floor
The heart that once had glowed so bright
Now weeps and cries itself to sleep at night
May 2018 · 96
I'm Sorry
Solaris Lanayru May 2018
You said you loved me
You said you needed me
You said you'd never leave
What a waste of time
Don't waste your breath
I'm sorry I wasn't good enough
I'm sorry I wasn't enough
I'm sorry that I loved you
Apr 2018 · 91
Hey You...
Solaris Lanayru Apr 2018
Look into my eyes and tell me what you see
Heartbreak, sorrow, and broken bits of me
Look at what you've done to me
The days turn dark and extremely cold
I should have listened to what they told
They told me no, that it was all a lie
But I couldn't resist that look in your eye
And now that I've fallen - hard and fast
I now know we weren't meant to last
Mar 2018 · 102
Midnight Thoughts
Solaris Lanayru Mar 2018
A restless night with thoughts coursing through
Just old memories, nothing new
I lie awake and think again and again
How could I end up with a ten?
Or a twenty or thirty, the scale's been broken
I see you as my lucky token
Thoughts of you come rushing through
Always bringing something new
I love you more than you'll ever know
So please, my love, let us go
And step into a new world
One glowing bright
Together, side by side, well take on this fight
Feb 2018 · 92
Don't Give Up
Solaris Lanayru Feb 2018
How can you love me?
There's nothing to like
Yet you can't look away
So what is that like?
To look at me and see some good
I'd never know
I wish I could
You see the light inside
That I thought burned out long ago
You told me to look and I tried
But nothing was there even so
Yet here you stand not willing to leave
And here I stay only able to grieve
So why do you love me?
Why do you care?
All hope is lost
And yet you're still there
Feb 2018 · 102
Her Last Words
Solaris Lanayru Feb 2018
As she lay dying from a broken heart and severed soul
Loving him had taken a toll
Her body no longer moved
And her eyes could only stare
If only he hadn't died
Life just isn't fair...
Moving on into the next life
Wouldn't be so bad right?
If only she could let him hear her last thoughts
But her stomach was already tied in knots
Gut wrenching was his death to her
Now he rests six feet under
And no longer can they hear her cries
As she reaches slowly to the sky
And begging the goddess to send him back
Before her world fades to black
Dec 2017 · 215
Solaris Lanayru Dec 2017
The piano sits in the middle of the plaza
The moonlight casts its glow
The keys are tapped with gentle hands
And the notes that play are slow

As time goes on and the lamplight flickers
The piano sounds amazing
A crowd then gathers all around
And everyone is gazing

The soft gentle light of the moon shines bright
And the piano continues to sing
The hands that flow across the keys
Play perfectly, never ceasing

As the moon begins to sleep
The sun begins to wake
And yet the piano still sings a song
A beautiful melody that makes the heart ache

The pianist then picks up the pace
The music starts to lighten
Your heart will soar above the clouds
And your soul will brighten

The piano slowly fades away as the pianist concludes the song
The midnight performance comes to a halt and everyone applauds
The pianist takes a bow and waves as they cheer for more
After a beautiful performance that touched all to the core
Dec 2017 · 148
Love in a Rhythm
Solaris Lanayru Dec 2017
To the one who stole my heart and holds it close and dear
I miss you every day that passes every day so bright and clear
I was nothing but a wasted life until you came along
People passed me right on by as if I was a boring song
No one on this earth today could make me feel this high
You have a special touch that comforts when I cry
I love you more than anything because you are my life
Losing you would hurt more than being severed by a knife
Nights are cold without you here
I can not sleep because I fear
I'm scared of the day, the day that we die
At least I know your love wasn't a lie
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