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 Nov 2016 Or Crotty
Dark Jewel
My wolf howls,
In pain.

I am unloved,
By the rain.

Content to be imperfect,
To the wilds I run.
I only wish to be alone.
May my time come.

Painful memories,
Curse thy Wolf and I.
I feel like a child,
Who sits in the corner and cries.

May I howl,
Until the daylight dawns..
My kin,
I only wish to cry..

 Nov 2016 Or Crotty
 Nov 2016 Or Crotty
i find it hilarious how we
are never actually
haunted by restless spirits,
but by folks that are
still alive...
 Nov 2016 Or Crotty
 Nov 2016 Or Crotty
Constantly blasting my music in hopes of losing my hearing
so maybe then I'll stop hearing the ghost of your voice
 Nov 2016 Or Crotty
qynce b
This ghost will not stop
Clawing at my bedroom door
Why not just phase through?
I am breathing

But am I alive?

I see myself

Laying there


Then I see you crying

I wanna say don't cry but I know

You won't hear me

I am ghost now

I turn around

I hear aloud bang

you take my hand

we can be ghosts together

 Nov 2016 Or Crotty
There's a girl that follows me everywhere.
Sometimes she trails behind me like a shadow,
And sometimes she stands in front of me like a distorted reflection
From a mirror that doesn't speak the present tense.
Words don't exist between us,
She just looks at me with blue eyes bordered by long lashes.
Sometimes I drag her through the looking glass
And tell her she's just like me.
But not as smart.
She looks at the mirror and sees wounds, scars, flaws, ugliness,
Where I see learning, growing, beauty.
Life itself is dancing across her skin
To a beat so fast and erratic that it leaves scorches.
I try to tell her that,
But my words are silenced by her attempts to grow wings.
I applaud this display of determination,
But I sit so far back that she fails before the claps reach her ears.
I sit there and watch her, and it's funny, because I have her wings,
But I can't give them to her, she can only grow them.
So I ask life to snap her DNA in a few places, replace them,
Whisper a few words of wisdom into her brain and hope that those seeds take,
Mutate. Grow into the wings she wants,
The wings that'll let her fly to places
She doesn't even know yet that she wants to go.
Child, girl, adolescent, you'll never be a woman.
You won't live long enough, you'll die bleeding,
Ripping out your ****** while shedding skin.
And you know what? You'll love it.

— The End —