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jcc May 2016
when you’re here with me
we are up all night
when you’re not by my side, i can’t sleep
funny how the day you walked in my life
was the day i became an insomniac
jcc May 2016
i am powerless in your presence,
you’re the evidence of things not seen,
a beauty i can’t un-see,
see, you’re everything i’ve been praying for
my mind stays on you, my lips can’t say much more
your essence is the evidence of
prophesies; your presence is deific
magnificent is your image as you
baptize me in this new religion
you got me prostrating, your heavenly body is so amazing,
you make *** feel like divine revelations
i run my hands down the small of your back and it
is smooth as the ponderosa of a harpsichord,
spine subtly dimpled like the pebble-grain of a hymnal
this union we’ve made is not holy,
dulcet notes hit my ear the second you spoke to me,
you must be a goddess, baby
you radiate with the same intensity as the countenance of the sun
i get between your knees and
bless you with a thousand tongues
you’re dripping a lovely tincture;
it runs down my lips like holy scriptures
concupiscence is slowly
evolving into firm convictions,
throw away all inhibitions and
give into our carnal rhythms
i know our spirits intertwining,
for the first time, i feel christened
though we broke free of tradition…
you may be the goddess, but in the end,
i’ll be giving the commands
you’ll try to get a grip on reality
while you’re gripping the bed
you’ll feel a “hallelujah” deep down
without you clasping your hands
i’ll have you calling on a higher power just for you to call on him again
we are birds of a feather,
our souls merge perfectly together
our bodies intercede, while your hips reply to me,
it’s always sweet communion when i’m looking in your eyes
your smile is bright white ivory, something unrivaled
i could die in between your thighs and experience revival
  May 2015 jcc
ochuko blaze
What a powerful emotion
That has propel mortal toward becoming a dead tissue.
As a man who had already committed ****** before stepping out to commit the crime,making the body as restless as the sea that has no dwelling place.
You are has cold has death itself that you victim are like the living dead who had died and still lives at the same time.
You are like a soul destroyer that blast into the better part of one's happiness with a river of tears,casting shadow into the life of your victim.
Putting an end to the existence of a living soul inhabiting two individual. destroying the bedrock in which every relationship is built with a river of endless tears.
Oh my soul
For it is wrapped up with sadness moaning the lost of my happiness,that my soul has become an immortal of tears that never grow tired,hungry,thirsty and never stop crying.
Oh my world
The world I have built with pillars of happiness now destroy with sadness.
  May 2015 jcc
Langston Hughes
Democracy will not come
Today, this year
   Nor ever
Through compromise and fear.

I have as much right
As the other fellow has
  To stand
On my two feet
And own the land.

I tire so of hearing people say,
Let things take their course.
Tomorrow is another day.
I do not need my freedom when I'm dead.
I cannot live on tomorrow's bread.

      Is a strong seed
      In a great need.

      I live here, too.
      I want freedom
      Just as you.
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