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6.3k · Oct 2016
Don't Think
Or Crotty Oct 2016
Don't Think about her smile.
Don't Think about her laugh.
Don't Think about the way she hugs you.
Don't Think about all the good times you had together.
Don't Think about the way you love her.
Because she will Never love you in the same way.
This is about a friend that treats me like ****
3.0k · Nov 2016
Good bye
Or Crotty Nov 2016
Good Bye
I Wish You Still Loved Me
You Just Texted Me, Making A ****** Excuse
So That Is It
**Good Bye
1.4k · Nov 2016
"Strong Male Figure"
Or Crotty Nov 2016
Your Breath
        bitter with alcohol
Your Words
        slurred without thought
You Don't Remember
        you never do
Why Don't You Join Your Family
        i guess the bottle is more comforting
386 · Nov 2016
she shined
Or Crotty Nov 2016
i got to close
to the brightest star
i got burned

— The End —