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qynce b Sep 2015
never understood
my love being platonic
will make it worth less
i want you
qynce b May 2015
my telescope, a
layer of dust, I haven't
seen the sky in years
qynce b Oct 2014
Everything feels so long ago
Yesterday seems to be miles away
Yet I don’t feel the physical distance between us
Literal miles away
v short poem
qynce b Jun 2014
My fears manifest
As danger in my dreams, but
I don't get nightmares
qynce b Jun 2014
She makes us breakfast.
Cooking in the pan, a heap
of fresh cockroaches.
qynce b May 2014
Their house is filled with
beautiful art, and things her
children claim are art.
qynce b May 2014
I wish humans had
evolved with six fingers so
we would use base twelve.
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