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Marla Aug 22
Seamstress of my fate, behold:
This side of my is crass and cold,
Is not unsuited for a war.
Oh, seamstress of my fate, therefore,

Could you conceive a way or two,
Concealing things that I could do,
Veiling vile things that I could say.
Oh, seamstress of my fate, I pray!

For when you sow this future now,
I would not want this side to show,
Would want a dress of flowers dried,
Where not one stubby blade could hide.
Marla Aug 10
If I had a heart – which I don't
And it were to beat faster than usual – which it wouldn't
The reason certainly couldn't be you
Not your skin
Not your warmth
Not your kisses

If I was going to smile – which I won't
And my stomach was talking – which it couldn't
The reason certainly wouldn't be you
Not your skin
Not your warmth
Not your kisses
Marla Aug 7
After years of trying to find yourself
You found everyone else instead,
And found out what kind of people they are,
So you took that knowledge
And a silver ***,
And you put the knowledge in the ***,
And you put the *** on a stove,
And you cranked up the heat,
And language boiled away,
And you cranked up the heat,
And eye colour boiled away,
And you cranked up the heat,
And preference boiled away,
And after 9 days of tending to the *** –
A charred smell hit tired nostrils,
Because all that remained in the ***
Was the burnt and brown mess which is human nature,
And in the metal walls: your own reflection.
Marla Jun 29
Gesturing vaguely, requesting the waiter,
Asking for a different life.
There's sorrow in mine, and a toughness far greater
That can't quite be cut with the knife

If I could suggest – just some minor changes,
Put rue where there's ruin in mine.
The hint of resentment in the flavour of friendship
Does not seem to go with the wine.

The arrangement of garnish at the side of my lovelife
Looks lovely, tastes boring and bland.
With all your experience I'm sure you could contrive
a texture my teeth would withstand.

I am - by no means - complaining to frustrate,
But compared my meal just seems unfit.
And when you endeavour to bring me a new one,
I beg you, do not spit in it.
Marla Jun 28
“I was happy just then,” thought the girl by the sea
“For a moment I did not recall -
That there is the ache of existence in me,
When the voice in my head went so small.”

“Just a minute ago, when the raindrops began,
The weight on my heart swam away.
The voices and figures, they bustled and ran,
So the showering silence could stay”

“With the first bursts of thundering, thoughtless relent,
The fever of life was relieved.
As were the teardrops, the tremors, the torment.
A flawed absolution achieved”
Marla Jun 27
I've often wondered what's wrong
With the people daring to feel
Not sure if they're weak or they're strong
For risking what may never heal

Me, I'm not sure if the danger
outweighs the feel of a kiss
given by friend or by stranger
I'm split between “act!” and “dismiss!”

Giving my heart a sharp shove
Or keeping it safe from the drop
When my first reaction to love
Is “Oh sh*t, how do I stop?”
Marla Jun 15
The ocean was once filled with crowns.
It will tell you all about it
If you sit still long enough,
But you never do.
You see, it saw those children with their frowns
and their struggle to commit
To a world that treats them rough,
yet rarely rewards virtue.

The waves then went out to distribute
Their gifts among those in need,
So that their innocence may scatter
and be spread.
To this day they break as a tribute,
Go watch them while you bleed.
In a moment you don't matter,
you'll sense a weight upon your head.
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