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Kay tagal kong hinitay
Ang iyong mga salita
Ang iyong buhay
Na tila isang talata
Ng ibat ibang nobela
Na Sayo lahat nakakda

Ibat ibang istorya
Na iisa ang hiwaga
Sa pangalan mo kinuha
Ang milyong milyong diwata
Kauri mo ang mga tala
Kumikinang ng maganda
Isa kang panahon ng ginhawa
Katapusan ng kadiliman
Laging may kinabukasan
She drew her each and every inch
bruised and taken away by her dream
she fought what she taught she can
she loved what she taught would last
she danced until her last step felt real.
The wind blows slowly as we face new trials,
slowly it wanders into our minds,
sometimes it goes beyond our hearts,
moments that are realized to be harsh words kept inside.
Muted titles come in a glass bottle,
a glass bottle with salt water and inside of it is you,
you see the sky and the trees knowing its out of reach,
and you're just trapped inside your own mind,
wondering when will you be free.
Silence shows an entire picture of peaceful frustration,
an endless parade of emotions running down the edge of a holiday season, the heavy rain brought bliss,
the moisture brings peace no matter how silent it is.

— The End —