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This journey called life seems so unfair
There’s very little good to be found
But so much evil everywhere
It’s hard to imagine the way things
Were  way back in the day
When family stuck together and didn’t
Morals were valued and respect was
A must
When a mans word was all that he had
To earn trust
Love was cherished and loyalty was too
For back in the day this is all that we knew
There were no cell phones, video games or the internet heard of
Back in the day time was spent with the ones we love
Things of this world were so much better when Gods children could openly pray
The world was a much better place back in the day.
Missing the way things use to be
thinking that you can fly through the drivers side window but being stopped by glass is the most upsetting thing ever
It befits l leave empty handed
But with my deeds to the grave
The sunset is here with its warmth
Leave my gravestone, let me sleep
Perhaps, indeed, l will wake up one day
Not for you but to meet God finally
Key foxes so fought
The only ones after the war
Because they may burn
They come for the day light
They burn of the same light
In this our never-ending raid
One step for the right
Pushing on leading on through the night
Is this the only way out
Living far beyond my dreams
So now you know
Fearing the inception in a brutal truth
There's  one more dip before we reach reality
And I'm not undue of the fortune that you
Desire one deem one shadow one word
In the dank of Hell we've won
Out palatial salvation a victory
One life one worry one peace our fury and
5 and a half(7 cigs) years drug and alcohol free
Her blue hair
played the blues
upon my heartstrings-
a song so beautiful
she entranced the moon above.
Together, we danced beneath the starry night
wondering when her song
could cure our blues.
She was lost
She was numb
Yet she pretends
As if she was alright
light as a dew drop
shining with the morning sun
- sweet kiss of the grass
There are so many lilies in my brain,
spreading the petals of the pain,
full of the fragrance of regret,
they are too hard to forget,
thrive and flow fast through the veins.
Indonesia, 22nd September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
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