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I want to excel
but my thoughts expel
We both repel
But we are stuck here in a jell-o.
Hold on
I already have to much on my plate
Can't go on
Not at this rate
I'll inevitably be crushed by the weight
I'm on
Rebuild eight
At least my life doesn't ever deviate
Will stumble upon
Continuation impossible in this state

I am lonely,
I switch on the T.V.,
Or open a book to read.
Under the mango tree where the shade is dark and deep
she waits with years on her skin.

The face though weary with the burden of time
has not yielded to the fate
of having once loved and lost.

She believes the winds from the barren field
will one day carry the rustle of footsteps
raising a song from within earth
that the moment is arrived
for the dead river to rise in tides
and flood her cheeks with the sapplings of
all the unplanted kisses.

When the nights come
the fireflies would sing
love is such a beautiful thing
basking in the glow of her heart.
Nothing can rise
Beyond the clouds in the skies
As long as we demoralize
Every imaginative spirit that tries

Can you tell me, where
the tunnel ends. The curve has
flattened. There was no light.

In pillars of wasteland,
why did we reach there?
Death-kissing starts now.

The power of questions
will not mitigate your arrival.
Where will we drown?
Sometime long ago
Back before time had it's day
Before wind had a way
Before there was anything there to say
I regret deciding to stay

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