Gabrielle Jul 2017

22% battery
78% wasted
Sometimes living gets old

Gabrielle May 2016

Sometimes I get sad
So sad in fact
I feel like tugging on the split ends of my braids
Until they fall off
I feel like running  
Until I collapse
I feel like screaming
Until there is no more sound
I feel like sleeping for so long
That I never wake up
But then again
I also feel

Gabrielle Mar 2016

Your kisses are like colors
Each more vibrant than the next

Gabrielle Oct 2015

The absence of you
Leaves me breathless and scared
It's the taste of your lips...
But your lips aren't there

It's the heat of your breath
Gone lifeless and cold
It's the scent of your shirt
Now drifting away, dull

It's your hand in my hand
Though there's none left to hold
And It's the beating of our hearts
Now just mine alone

It's the fact that I miss you
More than you'll ever know
But the tears that I cry
Still try to show

But I know that you're with me
Till death do us part
From the beginning to the end
From the finish to the start
From when you first saw me smile
To the last frail beating of my heart

When I see you again,
Soon I suppose
You'll then see me smile
From my head to my toes

And though from my head to my toes is not very tall
The amount that I love you
Is never that small

Just know that I very much like you around
You make me feel like I'm floating ten feet off the ground
And I'm missing you, darling
But don't make a sound
Just dream of me tonight
And then I'll be found

For Ryan
Gabrielle Jul 2015

Sometimes I look around me and the only thing I see
is a sea of crowded faces staring back at me
or staring at their feet
or another busy street
and I never stop to think,
"I wonder where they'd be...
if I shared the love of Jesus
if I'd stop just passing by
if I'd make a family of these waves of people
who are just like you and I.
If I stopped what I was doing
and just lent a helping hand
if I helped the sea of faces find a piece of solid land."
I wonder what would happen if instead of seeing strangers
we saw members of our family who are in terrible grave danger
of crashing into rocks of anger
or sinking deep into despair
if they don't find the boat to safety that will take them out of there.
Jesus guides that boat and he helps us all find land,
He see's us as his children instead of grains of sand.
And because he loves us deeply, deeper than the deepest sea,
He drown himself to save us from the life that we might lead.
He jumped out of the boat to make room to let more in
so all people of every nation can be delivered from the depths of sin.
So can we step up to the challenge?
Will we look for more to save?
We could be their only chance to be rescued from a watery grave.

Don't just stand idle and watch people drown.
Gabrielle Jun 2015

So there's a guy named Ryan
Who's minivan is stylin'
His kitties and their bowties are on fleek
He says he's buff and tough
But I say that's a bluf
In reality he's really very sweet

I love the way he smiles
Brighter than any star for miles
When he laughs its like music to my ears
He treats me like a Queen
So I consider him my King
And around him I forget my darkest fears

I fancy him, I do
Because I know his heart is true
Plus he's stronger than a San Andreas earthquake
Even though his puns are bad
I think his videos are rad
And I've heard he makes a pretty good milkshake

We've bonded over Owl City
But I think that's a pity
Since he won't share him with anyone around
He's locked up in Ryans basement
And he won't open any air vent
So no one ever hears him make a sound

This poem is so cheesy
I'm surprised that you aren't queasy
But I was thinking I should really let you know
That even though you're sarcastic
And sometimes pretty spastic
I love you and that love will only grow

Gabrielle Jun 2015

There was a time when my life was dark
And s c a t t e r ed
And no one could help me see the light
Except for the fire that burned my skin
And the bright shimmer of the razor blade

They helped me through my darkest hours
Or so I thought
But really they plunged me further down

I stopped eating
I stopped smiling
I stopped loving
I stopped caring
I just

No one could help me
No one could save me

Then a voice shouted into the darkness
A voice that shone so bright
It picked me up and dragged me out
And turned my wrong to right
The voice was He
Who set me free
Who paid my price in full
He said
Do not fear
Your way is clear
I took your shame on me
I chose the cross
To save the lost
And give them light to see
Go in peace
Fear no more
Shine with the light of the Son
You need not turn to the dark again
All you did is now undone

And I looked up to the face of my savior
With tear stains in my eyes
I vowed to never be a slave again
To the one who rules the night
And now I walk with confidence
With Jesus by my side
I shine His light
In a dark cruel world
To help give the blind their sight

I am free
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