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Dinithi Sulakna Sep 2018
You are the sea
and I am the shore.
By each wave that clashes upon me,
you take something away from me.
Eventually I’ll have nothing left for you to take away.
But the funny thing is,
each time you leave the shore,
I always wait for you to come back to me.
Dinithi Sulakna Aug 2017
Scattered dreams,
Endless stormy seas,
Skies are out of reach,
Please breathe.....
  Mar 2017 Dinithi Sulakna
mori walts
I am like a riddle
know me
Dinithi Sulakna Sep 2016
Maybe it’s the way these four walls can’t keep me in place
Or the way that I can’t control who I am
Everything seem to make no sense
I wasn’t made to be strangled this way
By the ones that I love
By the ones who swear they love me
That’s exactly why I’m sitting here alone
contemplating whether to take the risk or not
‘Cause like I said
These four walls can’t keep me in place.
I was made to fly away
and explore the vast sky
Maybe swim the deep ocean
Even though I don’t know
How to fly or swim
Yet I’ll take the first step
And see if I could be free

  Sep 2016 Dinithi Sulakna
Images extracted from
the tapestry of my dreams.
Sewn intricate...
Into a patchwork.

A quilt,
embroidered with lavish sequins and ornate beads.
Bringing forth fantastical motifs...
A dazzling display
upon the backdrop of my dreamscape.

This mosaic of dreams
does not warm me so.
It never lasts.

They fall away like autumn leaves
come the dawning sun.
They get washed out and pulled into the tide,
as the waves beat upon the shore of wakefulness.
They fade into fragmented memories
that make no sense...
Incoherent and disjointed.

Eventually, they disappear...
For they do not belong
in a world of worldly things
and ticking clocks.
Their intangible and mismatched nature
render them inconsequential...
They get misplaced.

But I am stubborn.

I will fashion such a blanket.
One that skirts the boundary
of this realm and the other.

I will tailor it so...

So that...
I will sleep tonight,
swaddled tight and cocooned within its
glorious seams.
Tucked within the safety and warmth of
this blanket...
Woven immaculate...
Out of
worldly things and breathtaking dreams.
Dinithi Sulakna Sep 2016
The starry night,
the hue of colors in the evening,
the strands of light peeking
through the window in the morning,
never meant that much.
To us
who aimlessly walk
to reach a future
that isn’t written yet.
Endless demands,
dreamless lives,
hateful screams
echoes through the night.
Helplessness slowly creeps onto our mind.
Dinithi Sulakna Sep 2016
They say not everyone can dream
I say we all are dreamers
Why else would we struggle
To find happiness in the sadness
To give a meaning to the meaningless
To find something that lasts in the ephemeral
It’s because we are dreamers
that we haven’t given up yet
That’s why we are still alive
Still breathing
We tend to the fire
That is gonna die down anyway
We assure ourselves that we are happy
Well, there’s a little beauty in that

— The End —