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Dee Feb 19
I'm looking forward to sunnier days,
When I can see your face,
And gaze at your smile.

I can't wait to hear your laugh,
Echo in the wind,
Carrying the chime like sound to my ears.

I long to look up at the sun,
Feel it's warmth humble me,
Raising me from the ground like a sunflower.

Yes, those sunny days should come soon.
Dee Feb 18
Roses wilt,
The ruby red,
Slowly becoming black,
Curled in on itself.

Petals fall,
The softness,
Becoming crippled,
With each passing day.

Feelings fade,
The love changes,
Into an everlasting ache,
A worthwhile keepsake.
Dee Feb 8
Give me the fury and the heartbreak.

Give me the elation and love.

Give me your harsh mutterings.

Give me your sweet nothings.

Give me the dazed confusion.

Give me the sense of clarity.

That awakens when I look at you.

There can't be one without the other.

There can't be me without you.
Dee Feb 5
Dear Little Dee,
Do not listen to the words of a man at seventeen,
Who will promise you the world.
He will not.

He will promise to love you for you who are,
Yet sneer and silence you with a glare,
He will belittle you at each turn,
Making you feel inadequate and insecure.

You will give him everything,
Your heart, your support, your soul.
He will leave you with the parting words of;
"You were near perfect".

You are worth more than he made you feel.
You deserve the respect he should have given you.
You are your own saviour.
You will survive this.

Yes, you are not perfect....but who wants to be?
Love learning letter to younger me
Dee Feb 5
I go to kiss you,
Your head turns,
You cheek mocks me,
From where your lips once were.

I look into your eyes,
Pools so expressive and deep,
That start to over fill,
Like a waterfall trickling down.

"It's over."
"You were near perfect."
The words echo in the silence,
Why must you torment me,
With your cruel acts?
Dee Feb 2
When does it all make sense?
Just asking for a friend.
Dee Feb 2
Why does heartbreak echo,
And happiness seem so fleeting?

Love is cradled and stolen,
Sadness is nurtured and given.

One can not be without the other,
After all... opposites attract.
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