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  Apr 2022 D
october rose
I break my own heart
Dreaming of the things
  Apr 2022 D
Solange Loe-Sack-Sioe
All the makeup of the world couldn’t hide the sadness in her eyes.

Shell ✨🐚
Somethings you just can’t hide.
  Aug 2021 D
Words don’t hurt
They haunt
  Aug 2021 D
Lost Soul
I spent 83 days wondering why
1,992 hours crying
And 7,171,200 seconds dying a little more inside

I can't say I'm sorry for what happened before
I left because
I didn't matter to you anymore
  Aug 2021 D
It’s not really clear
through smoke
and stale beer
the reason
we’re here is
dopamine steers…
Traveler 🧳
  Aug 2021 D
In the midst of a sudden storm
One night a year ago,
Whilst solitary camping
In ancient woodland
With wise majestic oaks,
From seemingly nowhere
A poem flowed from within,
Unleashing a torrent of words.
387 published poems later,
Releasing bridled feelings,
Unveiling past experiences,
Encapsulating deep seated pain and hidden anguish,
My healing journey continues,
With inner strength, courage, compassion
And a 180 degree turn
Towards my dreams
And my future.
One year anniversary of the start of my poetry journey on 26th July 2020
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