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Gene Jan 27
She spoke to a captive world
Hearts and minds attentive
Words meant for change
A change for generations

Insight years beyond her youth
Ideals of a new narrative
One of peace and harmony
Thank you Amanda!
Gene Jan 26
Alone he looked amidst his surroundings
The ambiance seemed familiar now
Had his thoughts been dismissed by some mundane routine,
waiting to be awakened ?
An ideation was about to be set free
What revealed itself was an unchained
exposed and naked now, but true
True to his thoughts, true to his thinking
Perfect, perhaps not, but
palpable and in plain view
Gene Jan 25
beyond the borderline
a new frontier on the horizon
absent of confinement
my senses renewed

outer fringes explored
a margin erased
lines of demarcation blurred
my ambit extended

boundaries unlocked
the perimeter gates open
fresh tracks to be made
my excitement revived
Asking ourselves what lies beyond the borderlines of our body, mind and soul...or COVID is making me feel penned in.
Gene Jan 24
Where are you?
I reached out but felt emptiness
Have you gone somewhere?
You were just here a minute ago
Have you been taken?
I must keep looking
Gene Jan 22
There’s a quiet calmness in the air
thoughts of my past
keep me in this moment

For my thoughts are in great measure
a deeper look inside
memories of who I am

Searching for an answer
allusive to me now
longing for clarity

Waiting for a new understanding
what’s the objective
seeking a clearer path
Gene Jan 21
Walking alone or with a special someone
The afterglow of a sunset seldom undone
Enlightening the senses with colors pastel
A vast and ever changing light carousel

Emotions rousing our senses anew
The power of nature in clear view
To explain its effect on our sensations
One must look to our fixations

The moment is now and the notion present
Can we absorb enough and to what extent
To overwhelm us with whimsical light
Soon sundown will turn into night

Never underestimate nature’s spell
Embrace the emotions that you compel
A sunset is a sunset one might surmise
But what beauty lay within our skies
Gene Jan 21
It drifts tenderly without a sound
Not knowing where it’s bound
Each crystal created like no others
If only they truly had their druthers

Peaceful as it flutters about
Its everlasting beauty never in doubt
What is it that makes them so fickle?
Sometimes left to just a trickle

Unabated to some unknown destination
When will it find its final cessation?
Tender at times but also harsh
Maybe we can describe it as larsh

Melting too fast can be forlorn
But for another flake to be reborn
Falling from the sky with poise and grace
Eventually finding it’s rightful place

Wonderment abounds in this peaceful scene
Keeping our senses alive and keen
How long it lasts only time will tell
We can only hope it’s more than a spell
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