kathryn anne Feb 12
it was all an act
but i fell for it
the curtain drops
velvet hits

show's over
the spotlights dim
stupid girl
you fell for him
a tragedy
kathryn anne Feb 8
roses are red
night is dark
writing this poem
hurts my heart

shaky sobs
like violets, i'm blue
i'm wondering
why i ever loved you
to ends and beginnings
kathryn anne Feb 6
you see, i think i have a type
guys who hurt me
guys who lie

guys who tell you you're beautiful
who love you only to let you go

in truth, i'm crying every night
because i know my fatal flaw
i'll love them all to death
but they'll never
this is terrible honestly but i can't think straight. thank you for putting up with my mishaps and my shameful confessions, which i write from the safety of my room, hoping someone out there knows what i'm going through.

— The End —