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Bambi Apr 2018
Twinkling stars reflect in his deep blue iris,
He’s possessed by the stars he said,
As I to him,
Nothing but him and I, and time in our hands to spend it with,
Nothing but the world we flick and kick in a blink,
Nothing but him and I.
Bambi Feb 2018
I don’t want this to be another season’s story,
Hand me “yours” and I’ll hand you “mine”
By heart I promise, you will be the only “mine”
An unbreakable oath that is carved on steel,
A legendary love story that will be on every person's tongue for centuries.
Bambi Feb 2018
It’s 4 pm
And I’m being kissed by the sun
I feel the warmth from his affection
That warms up 40 winters Ahead.

— The End —