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Do you live your life in a whirling daze?
Because all you feel is a confusing maze.
Perhaps you already know what to do,
Yet you can’t seem to acknowledge it.

Hiding the truth behind a curtain-clear,
Don’t cling to the fake things that you hold so dear.
Perhaps you already know what to do,
But in case you don’t, worry not
For we all have been here.
Don't cling to fake things that you know about.
Broken heart filled with rage,
All the pieces become burning stakes,
Sorrowful eyes filled with tears,
Yet the face gleams in joy.
Tightening my veins,
Because the blood boils,
This anger so confusing,
Why can’t it hide the hurt inside?
This poem for the unknown intense feelings of anger and hurt that sometimes come together.

— The End —