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 Jun 1 Anya
i never understood you
when you couldve picked someone
with golden ray, suntanned eyes that
glow like yours but you picked mine.
pitch black, dark as the night
stars shine bright
like black coffee
you always hated the taste of it
but now you want to drown in it
twisted and exaggerated. but i wasnt lying when i said your eyes glowed.
 May 3 Anya
A Slow Heyoka
Like a faster than light chicken attack
Breaking out of the Higgs field,
With an explosive egg launcher in my backpack
Redundantly pecking at the spaghetti-like wormholes,
As if I can actually eat them
With destiny calling,
Like saying goodbye to the Bekenstein limit
And applying some pressure with an infinite-bit tourniquet.
Written on May 07, 2018
 May 2 Anya
 May 2 Anya
During the night
Thoughts overflowed
Of you and I
I can't sleep
With a love further
Than the sky
If only you were with me
You can leave all your troubles behind you,
but this is the smart age and they'll look 'til
they find you
it's a waste of time.

I've wasted time,
on frivolities
and fripperies,
it just left me
feeling ill at ease.

These assortments
of discontentment
make for a heavy burden.
 May 2 Anya
And so it is another day
Plenty of sunshine
Rainy and grey
I'm sure change
Is coming this way
To the good
Or to the bad
To much weather
Can drive one mad

But what is weather
If not the force of change
Ice and snow melt in pain
Puddles of mud fall in love
Tracking dirt in
On the living room rug
And there a stain
Upon the heart
Forecasting storms
Will never part!
Traveler Tim
 May 1 Anya
A Slow Heyoka
Satire can be like a samphire sapphire
Covering the sand of the skeleton coast
Luring the gluttonous out to the sea
Out to their death, ripened to the cool desert breeze
The north dreams of such a day
To become a bloodied ruby ready for the fire
A flame that torches any such sanctuary of the soul
A blaze set forth by none other than our long deceased fathers
Shall burn on forever, branding, imprinting our inner desire
All akin to the sapphires of death
That guy once said;
"The gravel that makes all grovel..."
Now, will you grovel to our kings?
Written on Mar 31, 2018
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