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Anya Jul 2
Here we are discovering
the art of poetry...

words attached with
each other
Connected together
to start a chain reaction
Step by step taking
the reader higher
Into the unblemished
skies of imagination
Everything’s allowed ;
to laugh, cry,
be happy and sad
A feast for senses
A question without
an answer
An emotion lingering
in the right place
and moment

Here he is
The poet
armed with a pen
His eyes open
Mind focused
Feelings on a leash
Pulling forcefully
Forward, backwards
Hold on Mr Poet!
Stay strong, don’t let go!

Take it
where you want it to be
Let it breathe
in the alley of mystery
Drink and feed
on a secret
Allow the reader
to discover for himself

Lay it to rest in the place
of destination
The poem
A riddle to solve
Your creation...
Anya Apr 28
And I saw beauty
Beyond imagination
When I closed my eyes
Anya May 2
Yesterday, I touched the edge
Felt, how sharp it was
Pitch black, on the other side

A tiny speck stayed on my skin
Now it is growing, mutating,
spreading all over me

First, it reached my *******
Changed my attitude

Now all my fingers
are in the middle...

Next, it started to cover my eyes
And all I see becomes black

Soon it will get to the heart
Turning it black inside out

I must admit, I quite like it
Can’t decide if it’s good or bad...
Anya May 24
the black heart of stone
pumps black blood into
the blackened veins
tireless day after day

it used to be fiery red
felt feelings deeply
knew love very well

now transformed
doesn’t want to feel
anything anymore
fills up only on hate

it changed a long time ago
hurt too many times
lost hope
forever petrified

beats in strong rhythm
listening to the whispers
of black shadows
evil spirits from the past
pouring hate into the heart

black heart listens
remembers well
works hard determined
to never get hurt again
Anya Jul 23
Hush now
It’s all right
You will forget
The taste of my blood

It was funny when
you took a bite
I knew you will choke
on my poisoned heart

My vein is still pulsing
I can feel your teeth
piercing through my skin

Look, now our blood is mixed
A creation of a new disease

Hush now, don’t cry
You will forget the pain
in time

Just close your eyes
and count to five

Now, you are mine
Anya Jul 8
so quiet
Miles apart
from the surface
Drowning in herself
Still alive but dead

So cold

Sinking to the bottom

Held by
the invisible chains
Gasping for air
but breathing something else
She knows what comes next
Another night in the turbid
depths of a nightmare
On her own
All alone
In the darkness

What’s happened to her
She was soaring so high,
but fell so low...

Is there a way out

Which way to go
from the bottom...
Anya Jul 18
It’s comfortable here
In this place without windows
Safe and warm

Away from the demons
grinning their fangs
From the eyes of sleepless spies

Watching every move
Wishing for the nightmare
to come true

Don’t pull
Do not grab my hand
Don’t tell me to get out there

Let me stay here, blind and deaf
I don’t want to heal
Don’t pray for a miracle

I want to be ill
This needle you are holding will **** me
You can’t help me

Let me shut down
Levitate in my bubble
Far, far away into space...
Anya Jul 6
The caravel is sailing today
Bored with the shore
Takes the course of a new
Setting the compass on
nautical adventure

The land left behind
watches with sadness
Sees the sails set high
Hears the excitement
of preparations

It doesn’t want to break up
But understands
The caravel is made
to navigate the sea,
to search unwaveringly
for new islands on the horizon

Such is its nature
To be free in the element
of wind and water
Go through storms
Dance with lightnings
Play with dolphins in the waves

The land knows very well

That at the end of the journey
The caravel will return
A prodigal son
Coming back home
Anya May 9
It's time for sleep
Paralysis of the senses
Eyes shut don’t want to see
Ears closed refuse to hear

Misty tomorrow will come drunk
Sleepwalking among the shadows
There is no me, no you, no us
There is no more

What remains is time
Ticking in the silence of the night
Slowly counting ends
Watching The End nearing by

There are no more beginnings
Buried there on the cemetery of dreams
In the land of hopelessness
Buried deep

So many tombstones
Nobody remembers anymore
Rest in peace never born
Embryos of hope killed in the womb

Now what counts is sleep
Let it come
Numb the pain
Closed eyes and closed ears
Keeping away from living

There is only one left
The stubborn heart
Still open
Still looking for a dream to be born
Still hoping…
Anya Jun 30
Prepared especially for me
Wooden and heavy
Without the back to rest on
With bent legs
and a swayed seat
When I sit on it
it talks to me
Whispers ideas full of fears
Sticks nails through my skin

My chair

Measured and handmade
By me

Each day I try to leave you behind
Get rid of you and live my life
But you don’t want to
You always stay
You’ll never get away

You serve
just the right amount of pain

So I return
Go back for more
Sit down in your arms
to get hurt

And now I know
where I belong
Anya Apr 16
You are soooooo stupid!
Said the head to the bleeding heart
You let yourself get hurt

Look at me!
I don’t feel anything! I think!
I’m never broken! Always happy!

I can’t do that said the heart
If I won’t feel
I’ll freeze and die

I’d rather hurt, break, bleed
a thousand times
but feel alive!
Anya Apr 18
We are empty
Our feelings spilled all over
the floor
A reflection of dark moon in
the puddles
There is nothing left
All the memories of the sun,
shine no more
Buried, deep down in the shadows

Our fortified walls,
built persistently over the years
Grew resistant and sturdy
A lost echo, of a thousand
love messages
Rings quietly in the dark
Never reaching our hearts

We are so far away
Even when we are together
The reflection of dark moon
locked in our eyes
And we feel its power, every
time we look at each other

All I hope for
Is a glimpse of the sun shining
through our hearts
Filling us up, with rays of love
To remember again what we
used to have
And to crumble down our walls
Anya May 4
Death sits on the edge
Contemplating suicide
She hates life so much
Anya Apr 11
It’s enough

over ribs
of starved love
protruding from the sand

With just one sentence
you started detox
in my poisoned by hope

Is it time
to bury my personal god
with a substitute for a funeral ?

No point to begin
the resurrection prayer

I'm here
with emptiness in my heart
which burns more
than hydrochloric acid
of rejection

Wind of renewal
is humming a song
of new opportunities

But I can’t hear it

It’s raining with shattered glass
from a broken window…
Anya Apr 23
I’ve been drinking…

Way too much of pain lately
Letting myself get drunk
on misery
Sleepwalking through life
Balancing on the edge
Self destructing

I’ve been eating…

Too much fear for a while
Letting negativity slip
under my skin
Poisoning me
Blurring my vision
Filling me up

I’ve been sick…

So sick and tired
Of self medicating
Using drugs prescribed by evil
Being addicted to self harming

I’ve been living…

In my own private little hell
Build with my own hands
Suffocating me with
the power of hate
Force feeding with meals
of neglect

It’s time…

The time has come
to start a new diet

It’s time to love myself.
Anya Jun 23
It’s time for a ******
A perfect crime committed
in cold blood
Cooled down a long time ago
Solidified and black

Aroused razor sharp
grins at you with its
beguiling, seductive smile
Ready for the ****** cut

Deadly poison winks
with its rotten eye
Inviting you to have
a drink

A gun shoots right in the
center of your attention
Promising quick exit

Thick rope hangs
sadly from a tree
Begging for this
one and only kiss


For you and your move

Do it!
Before it’s to late
Before someone else
will do it to you

**** what is already dead
in the world deprived of
Where love suffocates
without air
Truth declined moves out
Warmth freezes
And faith defeated leaves

In this world so cynical,
ruthless and cruel

Do it now!

****** your heart..
Anya Jul 3
I can withstand a collar,
that hurts when you pull
I can bear a hard bed
And no water to drink

I will bark if you order
And I will protect you
I’ll wait, as long as it takes
Until your return

I will take a tell off
Even if, I don’t deserve it
I don’t mind frozen paws
I don’t care, if I’ll get hungry

I will always love you
And I’ll be forever loyal
Till the end, by your side
My beloved human
A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart.
Anya May 8
"It takes two years to learn to speak,
and all life to learn when to be quiet "
-Ernest Hemingway-

Don’t say a thing

We don’t need to talk right now
A single whisper will be too much
It’s time to end this altercation,
we’ve got be careful

Let’s put this fight away
Our tongues are so sharp
Stabbing open wounds
with two-edged sword,
over and over again

Don’t underestimate the power
Words can be hotter than fire
So easy to hurt with just one
of them
The damage done, so great

We know how to speak, shout,
Words like bullets hit the target
But to stay quiet... challenging

Close your eyes and count to ten
Shut down what you want to say
Now it’s time to let go of anger
driving frantically our temper

Let’s put our egos down to sleep
Sing sweet lullaby
Tomorrow we’ll look at the world
with brand new eyes

In the morning the storm will
be gone
Let the silence work
its magic touch
Untangling our feelings
and clearing up our thoughts

Stop, just say no more.
Anya May 5
Open me, please
Let me unravel my content
Layer by layer, please strip
me naked

Prepare yourself, be careful
There are lots of sharp
objects in here
Ready to strike, out of fear

Stay calm
Open me slow
Disarm all the pins and needles
Put away the scissors

Gently handle the knives
and razors
Give it time, don’t rush
Be cautious

I don’t want to hurt you
Push you away
Sometimes I act in self defense
Please understand

Don’t stop
Dig deep, to the bottom
Be patient
Please, find my secret...
Anya Apr 24
You shine in the moonlight
Like a sparkling beacon of promise
Worth every drop of sweat and tears
Worth everything

The prize
A reward for years of miserable life
A well-deserved meal after a famine
The most divine taste of glory

It’s been so long
I watch you glittering in the dark
Listen to your enchanting song
Dream of you, day and night

Lost myself on the way
Bruised and cut millions of times
Bleeding hurt left behind
Never gave up

Followed the golden trail
One step at a time
falling down-climbing high
Reaching to where you are

The day is breaking
I can smell you
You’re so close
I can almost touch you...
Anya May 3
We fell drunk in love
Broke some dishes and bottles
We woke up sober...
Anya Apr 22
He got used to it

Keeping his heart
in the fridge

Sometimes he opens
the door to look at it

He stands there
in the doorway
and watches it


In a calm
and steady rhythm

He feels tempted
to take it out

Warm it up

But he never does

He leaves it there
on a special shelve


In the emergency
he knows what to do

He simply turns the
temperature down

When it gets too warm

Anya May 6
The playroom is locked
A shadow plays with the toys
The children are gone...
Anya Apr 9
Ha ha ha!
I did it again
I made you laugh
It is like a sneeze
It is contagious
Be careful run away or you will be happy again...
Anya Apr 11
You will find me there
Sitting comfortably on the sofa
Drinking wine from a plastic

We can chat, have a great laugh
You might be surprised that
I can swear from time to time

Sometimes I’m smart
Very often stupid
I’ll make you sad than happy

I’ll misunderstand you
Fiercely argue with you
Then, apologize with tears
in my eyes

I’ll shower you with affection
and love
Plenty of that in my heart

Don’t look for me among angels
Don’t search among demons too
I am right there, in the middle

A human
Just to introduce myself **
Anya May 7
There it is
Consuming on me
Taking ****** bites
Eating me alive

I’ve tried so hard to feed it
Gave it whatever it wanted
But it’s never satisfied
Forever hungry

I’ve been searching
Praying for answers
But the hunger doesn’t stop
Never leaves my heart

It always wants more
of Something
To fill up the hole
that’s empty

Hidden deep inside
it never sleeps
Doesn’t close its eyes
Ready to eat

What does it need
I don’t know
This ravenous hunger
of my heart…
Anya Jun 8
If you will leave

Time will stop in shock
The World will collapse in despair
Stars sad will switch off
And the Sun
will simply burn away
Life will die
Lay, in the dark grave,
and close its eyes forever
Nothing will become
And even it will cry real tears,
cause it will never see
your face

If you will stay

Time will flow, steady and calm
The World will beam with joy
Stars will shine dancing in the sky
And the Sun will glow forever
Life will be born, brand new,
full of hope
It will smile at the thought
that we share it
Emptiness will fill up on
happiness and love
All of this, just for you,
you’re staying!
Anya Apr 30
If I could turn back time
I would wake up with you
Sit together, on your
favorite bench in the garden,
and be silent
I would look into your eyes,
and see how tired they really are
Touch your hands,
to understand the weight
they carry every day
I would listen to you
Hear the words coming
from your heart
Learn your fears, your hopes
and dreams
We would talk about your childhood
The scars you got growing up
About us...
How to fix what’s broken
Find the missing piece of a puzzle
How much we truly love each other
I would open up my heart
Show you what’s inside
Let you in...
We would joke,
and laugh until it hurts
Dad with his little girl
We would hug and cry
and it all would be all right

If I could only turn back time...
Anya Apr 20
It is pouring
The raindrops are flowing
in the stream of tears
Heaven torn to shreds,
doesn’t want to stitch
back together again
I am weak
Hidden in my shell
Waiting for it to finally 
crack open
I look through the window
The world so empty and cold
My eyes hungry
Searching for the glimmer of hope
I see one, tiny,
floating right towards me
I squint my eyes
You're there...
Summery meadow
gently rocked by the wind
Trembling hands picking flowers
Smell of happiness
I quickly catch 
the leftovers of light
I’ll hide them deep 
In the place, where the
tentacles of darkness,
can’t reach
I pray
Repeat the words
over and over...
It's raining and raining
The rivers of sorrow are
flowing incessantly
Is it my fault
What have I done
Have I sinned
Please give me a sign
I don’t want to cry
I close my eyes
You’re here...
A spark growing stronger
Your loving eyes so warm
Shining bright like a star 
in the blackness of the night
I am weak, hidden in my shell
But I know

You will split it wide open…
Anya May 15
Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy boy

You are a darling
Mama’s pride and joy
So what you’re grown, you
don’t work, don’t have a girl
Mama loves you and you love her

You live with your mama
On the second floor
You’ve got a room
all on your own
Mama’s there with you
sleeping right next door

She takes care of you
like you deserve
Always doing whatever
you want
Mama knows your needs
like no one in the world

Nobody can replace your mama
No other girl can be like her
Whatever she does
to earn your love
It will never be enough

Don’t ever forget
your mama’s love
You’ll always be mama’s boy
Remember that Jimmy
When your mama’s gone

And you, are all alone…
Anya Jun 3
A piece of paper
Creased, yellow, old
Nothing special 
but so much more
On it, words holding 
a key to a secret
An answer to unsolved mystery 
A missing puzzle of a story
poured onto the paper
Each sentence, paragraph 
so important 
Memories, planted long time ago
Growing roots strong and raw 
Locked in a special room 
with doors tightly closed 
Desperately wanting to be heard
Sacred, forbidden 
A confession in the envelope 
Sealed and hidden
Never sent, but written
for a reason
Now in the drawer
Locked behind in
the cupboard of memories
Kept away in the prison
of the dark
Just a letter, a paper
But so much more...
Anya Mar 22
Look what I found
A piece of a broken heart
Someone lost it
I found it on the ground
Looking hopeless
I’ll pick it up and take care of it
I will put it in the pocket of my soul
I will plant it in the garden of feelings
I will water it with hope
Maybe one sunny day it will grow
Maybe again it will be whole.
Anya Jun 21
The Sun is shining
The day is beautiful
Today, i will meet your

i’ll be, who you want me to be
Do, whatever you desire
i can do it
Just have to work harder

i know
i haven’t been perfect
Far from it...
But i can do better
i promise

i’ll put more effort
Be smarter, exciting, bright
Say the right thing, at the right time
Look my best, just as you like

You’ve been waiting,
so patiently for so long
i am grateful for every minute
you wasted on me
Being useless and weak

Today i will meet your expectations
Like you deserve
And maybe then you will love me

i hope…
Anya Apr 10
I’m still here
Where you left me 
Behind the closed door
Going through the memories
of us
It’s been so long
I know I should move on
But I can’t 
I don’t want to let go
It’s been two years since we broke up
Two years of sleepwalking 
in the dark
And every day of not having 
you here feels like a lifetime wasted
Empty and meaningless
I’ve heard rumors
that you found someone
That you’re in love
I’ve heard that I am a fool 
waiting for you
But I don’t care
I can be a fool for you
I’ll do whatever it takes
to have your love again
Just tell me I have a chance
and I’ll wait forever
Behind the closed door
With hope that maybe one day
I’ll hear the key in the lock again…
For Damon
Anya May 1
Lucky, lucky, lucky me
Growing on a wealthy golden tree
On juicy branches living peacefully
Oh lucky, lucky me

Lucky, lucky, lucky me
Picking sweet fruits of prosperity
Each day luxurious as can be
Oh lucky, lucky me

Lucky, lucky, lucky me
Green leaves of money surrounding me
Buying me things, fulfilling me
Oh lucky, lucky me

Lucky, lucky, lucky me
Riches replace true love for me
I have it all, my fortune and me
Oh lucky, lucky me

Lucky, lucky, lucky me
Dying, on a wealthy golden tree
Diamonds and treasures hugging me
Oh lucky... lucky me...
Anya Apr 13
Sleep, sleep, sleep little one
Dream the sweetest dreams
In your dreams
everything’s possible
Close your eyes, little one
Go to sleep
Let love and hope 
come through the door 
Give you presents 
tied with a ribbon
Unwrap each one with 
joy in your heart
Dream little one,
dreams from heaven 
Sleep, sleep, sleep little one
Fall asleep already
May Angels hold you
gently in their arms
Protect you from harm
when you’re sleeping
Close your eyes, 
close your ears little one
Keep away from the monsters 
while dreaming
Your daddy’s high and 
your mama’s drunk
Stay asleep little one, 
don’t listen
Sleep, sleep, sleep little one
Dream the sweetest dreams 
In your sleep you are safe
and loved
Dream little one, dream...
Anya Apr 23
Help! Cried the money
I am looking for my worth
I feel so empty
Anya Apr 26
Nocturnal creature
A daughter of darkness
Gray, inconspicuous, small
Flies through the night
with a broken wing

She’s cold, so tired
Carrying heavy stones
from the past
Damaged by the weight of
secrets from the other side

Stayed for so long in
the underworld
Hurt more than enough
Fed up with blackness
she flows between tears
searching for exit

A way out from mourning
and despair
Light at the end of the tunnel
Warm glimmer of promise

She sees it now
A tiny speck on the horizon
Distant ray of hope for the future
A spark of a dream bright
and beautiful

Mesmerised flies right to it
Encouraged by the power
of the feeling
She’s ready

to sacrifice everything
For one moment in embrace
of the light

She knows
The light is worth it all...
Anya Apr 16
Mama, do you remember?

You keep the photographs
under your pillow
Each night still kiss us
All those memories of us
you treasure deep
in your heart

Mama, do you understand?

Life rushes away, runs so fast
It’s hard to keep up
Each second lost
cost more

Mama, why are you so sad?

You sit here by your window
All alone
Waiting for someone
you love to come home

Mama, why are you crying?

There are tears streaming
down your face
Your eyes filled with
pools of lonely sadness

Mama, is there still hope?

Can we go back
Is there still time for us
Can we fix what’s broken
in our lives

Mama, what is it?

Today is your day
to celebrate
So, mama smile
Cause today
is Mother’s Day…
Anya Apr 15
This climb is tough
Days of pushing up,
take its toll
Hands tired of pulling higher
Legs heavy and slow
But the promise of reaching
is enough to go on

The roughness of the surface,
cuts the skin deep
It’s hardened now
Doesn’t feel anything
Cold wind mixed with ice
blows fiercely, blinding eyes
Taking breath away
Freezing the lungs almost
to death

Darkness is taking over
It’s so scary in those moments
Doubt creeps in
Wouldn’t it be easier to simply
let go
Fly freely in the air, like a bird
It’s ok to give up…

Time to make the choice
Right now
It’s time to move on
To push on
Forward against all odds

The only way is up

to the top of this mountain
of mine…
Anya Jun 13
He lost himself somewhere
Took the wrong turn in
the labyrinth of life
And now a part of him
is left behind

He doesn’t know where to look
Not sure if he even should
Is it important
The lost piece of him
must be broken

Maybe he could grow it back
But should he even try
Shall he simply accept the fact
of not being full anymore
Is it so wrong to be spoiled

Who cares
It’s just one piece
He doesn’t even know what it is
He can still be happy without it

It feels different though
He’s changed now
Strangely numb
He doesn’t feel much anymore
Not like before

Only when it gets dark
he feels like he wants to cry
Mourn the piece that’s gone
Cause deep inside he knows
he’ll never be the same again

A new man
Anya May 11
Oh Mother!
Of all creation
Wild and unbridled Inspiration
Reveal yourself to me
Open my mind to see

I’ll be your faithful servant
Accept me in your chamber
Fill me up with passion,
feed me with desire
Charm me with your magic
Hypnotize me with your power
I give myself to you...
Willingly, completely

Oh Mother!
Guide me to the place
Where beautiful minds play games
Sow their seeds, to grow trees of words
I am longing, to be one of those souls

Oh Mother!
Grace me with that gift
Unleash it into me
Posses me with your spirit
Arm me with sword of poetry
Teach me to think in ink

Oh Mother!
Before You,
In here I humbly kneel
I oath to You today
I’ll use, your great gift well
With hope, I shall not fail.
Anya May 27
Yesterday you looked at me
Just for a second
I was so happy that you gave me
scraps of your attention

That moment was so special
A second of your life
gave me so much
So many dreams at night

You probably laugh right now
Have fun
Somewhere in the Promise Land
where you belong

I know how important you are
I understand
You reached the summit of
Mount Everest

I look up to you
You’ve taught me so much
By simply being who you are
A perfect man

I was so happy yesterday
When you looked at me
For the whole second
Even if, you didn’t see me...
Anya Aug 2
You came like a storm
on a bare white horse
A Prince of the Kingdom
beyond the Earth
Your eyes lightnings and thunder
Long sparkling coat on your

Your boots walked many roads
Your sword fought great battles
A warrior
Your hands strong and gentle
Your heart tough and tender

You spoke and the World listened
You smiled and the fireworks danced
When you wept waters dried up
and heavens became sad
You touched the Universe when
you came

And the Stars remember your name
Anya Jul 11
Quick quick
Let’s open all the curtains
Let the sunshine in
Wipe the tears
from our cheeks
Dust the casket with
hope in it
Let it play music again

Quick quick
Lets open up all doors
Let the wind flow
Bring fresh dreams
on its wings
Chase away all fears

Quick quick
Lets open our eyes
closed so long ago
See for the first time
our flaws
Kiss each one with
brand new love

Quick quick
Lets open our hearts
Break free from chains
holding us back
Lets go naked outside
Feel the raindrops
one more time…
Anya Jul 10
I found a rose by the front door
in the morning
Laying there on the porch
Waiting for me to pick it up
The most beautiful red rose
I have ever seen
The colour intense and deep
I got it up and felt gentle,
velvet petals
So sensual to touch
Smelled the flower’s amazing smell
Just perfect

No note…

Who can be my generous
Maybe the handsome guy
living next door
Or some mysterious admirer
A thought of it stroked my ego
with pleasure

But, wait a minute…

Maybe someone lost it
Or threw it away like unwanted
Maybe it's just a mistake
I looked at the rose again
Not so beautiful any more
The smell, not amazing
like before
And the colour a bit pale

Suddenly I saw all thorns...

Maybe it was my enemy
Dropped the bloom on purpose
Yes, it must have been that
stupid neighbour lady
She planted the flower here
and now she laughs sneeringly
I'll throw it away
to show her I don’t care

Stupid ****,
in the morning bothering me...
Anya Jun 2
He gave her a rose
Then slowly ripped the petals
She sharpens the thorns...
Anya Jun 15
The air is hot in here
Filled with the smell of sin
The clock tick-tocks
in the dark
Measuring time
Registering every second of pain
Old carpet, stained with blood
Hiding ***** secrets,
those which doesn't want to be found
Broken bed,
nailed by the weight of all the screams
it heard

Windows closed… long time ago

Evil monster in the closet
The one which never sleeps
He comes out at night to eat
Devour innocence
Tear it apart to pieces
Too pure to escape
Too sweet to get away
On the table the Bible
On the wall the Holy Cross
Above the door invitation;
„Come, in the name of Love”.
Anya Jun 24
The silence of a dead home
is always loud
Cries are heard in every corner
Tears pour out from the taps
Shadows lurk in the dark

Life is gone
Every drop squeezed
from a sponge into a sewage
What’s left is a skeleton
Naked ribs and bones
sticking from dead walls

At the centre there used to be
Strong and hopeful beating
in the rhythm of the future
Holding tightly your little hand
But... it slipped away

Heaven had a different plan
Couldn’t wait and took you back
In one second everything ended
Evaporated into space like it
never existed

Leaving behind a dying home
Starved from love and denied life
Without a chance of survival
With the memory of your sweet
name on its last breath...
Anya Jun 1
My darling smile
Where did you hide
It’s been so long since
I’ve seen you last time

Your place is here
You belong with me
I’m calling for you
Can you hear me

I need your sparkle
back in my heart
I’ve lost you somewhere
in the dark

I want you to know,
that I’m searching for you
Above and beyond
my grey, sad world

The maze I am in,
is hard to get through
But don’t you worry
I’ll find you

Last time I saw you
on the wings of the butterfly,
in the breeze of the wind,
waves of an ocean

Wherever you are
It won’t be long
I’ll keep my faith
You’ll come back home...
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