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Anya 22h
Straight from hell
Brewed by
the devil himself
Fiery liquid of
Easily deceiving
Difficult to get rid of
for the pain of the soul
But be careful
Stay cautious
It’s a poison for your brain
Many have fallen
lost to its power
The best one
Made in Poland
...they say
Anya 1d
It’s comfortable here
In this place without windows
Safe and warm

Away from the demons
grinning their fangs
From the eyes of sleepless spies

Watching every move
Wishing for the nightmare
to come true

Don’t pull
Do not grab my hand
Don’t tell me to get out there

Let me stay here, blind and deaf
I don’t want to heal
Don’t pray for a miracle

I want to be ill
This needle you are holding will **** me
You can’t help me

Let me shut down
Levitate in my bubble
Far, far away into space...
Anya 1d
It was summer, when Tommy died
Peacefull, warm, the smell of woods in the air
A stream flowed through the meadow into a pond;
This was a place where dreams come true.
On that day friends found the place
Enjoyed the freedom of water:
Tommy, Lilly, Cassy, John
The day when Tommy died
It was a Friday
So much remembered
Tommy, Lilly, Cassy, John
Drove to the woods, the meadow, the pond
The Sun played silver tricks with the surface with its invitation to water,
Where Tommy vanished, disappeared, taking The Sun with him.
So much was lost that summers’ day
So much changed since Tommy went away.
Anya 7d
Quick quick
Let’s open all the curtains
Let the sunshine in
Wipe the tears
from our cheeks
Dust the casket with
hope in it
Let it play music again

Quick quick
Lets open up all doors
Let the wind flow
Bring fresh dreams
on its wings
Chase away all fears

Quick quick
Lets open our eyes
closed so long ago
See for the first time
our flaws
Kiss each one with
brand new love

Quick quick
Lets open our hearts
Break free from chains
holding us back
Lets go naked outside
Feel the raindrops
one more time…
Anya Jul 10
I found a rose by the front door
in the morning
Laying there on the porch
Waiting for me to pick it up
The most beautiful red rose
I have ever seen
The colour intense and deep
I got it up and felt gentle,
velvet petals
So sensual to touch
Smelled the flower’s amazing smell
Just perfect

No note…

Who can be my generous
Maybe the handsome guy
living next door
Or some mysterious admirer
A thought of it stroked my ego
with pleasure

But, wait a minute…

Maybe someone lost it
Or threw it away like unwanted
Maybe it's just a mistake
I looked at the rose again
Not so beautiful any more
The smell, not amazing
like before
And the colour a bit pale

Suddenly I saw all thorns...

Maybe it was my enemy
Dropped the bloom on purpose
Yes, it must have been that
stupid neighbour lady
She planted the flower here
and now she laughs sneeringly
I'll throw it away
to show her I don’t care

Stupid ****,
in the morning bothering me...
Anya Jul 8
so quiet
Miles apart
from the surface
Drowning in herself
Still alive but dead

So cold

Sinking to the bottom

Held by
the invisible chains
Gasping for air
but breathing something else
She knows what comes next
Another night in the turbid
depths of a nightmare
On her own
All alone
In the darkness

What’s happened to her
She was soaring so high,
but fell so low...

Is there a way out

Which way to go
from the bottom...
Anya Jul 6
The caravel is sailing today
Bored with the shore
Takes the course of a new
Setting the compass on
nautical adventure

The land left behind
watches with sadness
Sees the sails set high
Hears the excitement
of preparations

It doesn’t want to break up
But understands
The caravel is made
to navigate the sea,
to search unwaveringly
for new islands on the horizon

Such is its nature
To be free in the element
of wind and water
Go through storms
Dance with lightnings
Play with dolphins in the waves

The land knows very well

That at the end of the journey
The caravel will return
A prodigal son
Coming back home
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