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Anya Jan 11
Here again
You came
Quickly in the blink of an eye
you disarm my armor without
any resistance
You always know what to do
How to fool me
Now I’m waiting for my sentence
I kneel before you
I can see you pulling out a knife
You will strike
Stabbing my heart
And I will do nothing
Close my eyes and hold my breath
When you’ll be done
you will slowly walk away

I don’t understand

Your infinite cruelty
is making me lose my mind
I’m begging you to stop
but you don’t hear me
You don’t care

I do not understand

But I know what will come next

I know...

Tell me how to understand ?

I am loosing faith...

You broke me
I am in pieces
Like a shattered vase I lie on the ground
When you walk by you strike again and step on my heart
Stomping on it hard
Enough to squeeze out the last drop
of tears
I'm surprised there is some left
The remains
You collect them all and when you
leave you watch closely
searching for flaws

A collector feeding on drops of pain
I stand up
Count the time
before your return

The almighty King of Tears
always hungry for more
Anya Dec 2019
This conversation is old

I’m drunk now
High on frustration and despair
My mama didn’t warn me it will
turn out like this

Overcooked meal


No pepper, no salt
No spice to go on

Nobody cares

Just expectations to measure up

I will make sure
Wear my best underwear
High heals
Good dress

The look on your face

It will be worth it

Let me serve you

Yeah, it will be something...
Anya Dec 2019
My tank is empty
I am running on low
Mary Jane, please fix me up
Breathe in some fresh air
in my lungs

Mary Jane,
I want to play your game
Darling, you put a spell on me
I need your magic touch
Hit me up with your punch
Let’s fly, together on cloud nine

Mary Jane, you are so *****
Filthy, outrageous, smoking hot
You’re so bad but so good
Honey I love, every inch of you

It’s simple, you are the one
When you come I come
My Sweet Miss Misbehaviour
Give me just one more blow
Baby kiss me until we’re done
Anya Dec 2019
The dark, dark times had come

Their shadow long
Swallowing up us whole
They’re hungry
Starving for more
They’ll take it all

The dark, dark times had come

Sleepless spies
grinning their fangs
Their faces lurking
in the crowd
Ready to bite, eat us alive

The dark, dark times had come

It’s our turn
It's time to hurt
Pour never-ending tears
Fill up the bottomless seas
Give what is left to give

The dark, dark times are here

Don’t let them in...
Anya Nov 2019
So far
Standing on a pedestal
A Monument
A Statue rock hard

Once alive
Now, turned to stone
Too proud to look down
Its eyes closed

Don’t come near
Do not try to touch
You will never reach
its marble heart

Don’t whisper in its ear
your truth
It won’t hear you
It won’t shed a tear
It won't understand

Best to just leave it alone

A beautiful memory
imprinted on your soul
Let it stand there,
far away, on its own

A Statue

Once alive
turned to stone
Anya Nov 2019
Cry me a river little girl
He whispered softly in her ear
Don’t worry it won’t really hurt
You will endure it

Cry me a river, my sweet child
Let me collect your crystal tears
You’ve always been the chosen one
To give me what I need

Cry me a river pure of heart
I want to touch so deep inside
And even if you’re torn apart
I will not stop

Cry me a river little one
I have my plan to follow up
You’ll understand it in your time
Now, let me work.
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