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Ilaha Nov 2018
Saying yes to them
Must align with your inner amen
Your soul is heaven
Treat yourself with love first.
Ilaha Oct 2018
I was born a lucky one-
Mother Nature had a plan,
To bring some joy and heal your wound
With giggles I was endowed.

Ilaha Nov 2018
Daring to open up what she hath
Brave step again in unbeaten path,
To thrive inspite
To share her light,
Rises unconditionally!
Chooses deliberately!

Ilaha Nov 2018
Things don't work and fall apart
You knock the door, it's 'nope'
You plant seeds with a hope
Yet no reply, time has stopped

You fear to get off your way
Terrified! For your grail
Is aloof in their scale
Paralyzed! Next step is blear

Back up! Hold on a minute
Sit back, enjoy the ride
Sole value? - inner guide
What they dictate? - not a dime!

Do you see debris yonder?
Shedding bits of your tears
Crack is where your love flares
Wreck is where you leave old fears

Trust the wisdom of your cor
For all good in you - soar!
All brave in you will pull
Mutual 'Aloha' next door.

Ilaha Dec 2018
When your soul is old and heart is bold,
Your steps unfold that the life is gold;

When you know - the time is now
Upset your soul you don't allow.

You comprehend- what you map
Might be short like a clap

You forgive and still believe
For what comes is the best to live.

When your soul is old, your words propose
The truth, you know, your wisdom withhold

You feel that saying "No"
Is not a sin but love's Hello;

Your heart's wisper you hear
That for others might appear not clear.

You prefer listen to talk
Since you know how to walk

When your soul is old, your misteries foretold
The importance of love in your road

Inner love you lavish
So it doesn't perish.

Gracefully your steps are made-
Your heart will never fade,

For your main goal
Is to rid your self of a patrol.

When your soul is old and with trees you bond
You hear them say "you're beloved!"

You meet each soul with great
Gratitude innate

For those who stay -Will embrace your ray
Those who leave-You never grieve.

Ilaha Oct 2018
Tree, just being a cozy tree,
Gives its warm embrace to me
Teaching me to wait and see
Takes me high up to thee.

For a flowing trustful river,
Not a stone becomes a hinder.
Teaching me of trust and faith,
Takes me to the best to face.

Words of others don't let infect you.
Doubt of theirs don't let dwell in you.
Love is my gift, and I
Wisdom of my heart will never deny.

In the candle light I boldly pray,
For my naked soul is a hooray! 
Stars are shooting suddenly,
Wispering: "Yes! Eventually!"

I feel a great feeling that connects me with the nature, and there so many people around who misunderstand it and either try to kind of "open my eyes" to the world's cruelty or judge me for my beliefs.
Fortunately, I am stubborn and rebellious enough to keep my heart loving and soul intertwined with nature and those I love.
Hope my poem expresses it well.

— The End —