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Brittany Datcher Mar 2018
I am in love baby

You're everything I could ever want

Everything I could need..

A haiku for him..

I wrote it without even a moment's thought.
I never understood why people compared
kisses to fireworks
until i knew what it was like
to want someone so much
that all you could feel inside you
were explosions.
Brittany Datcher Mar 2018
Seriously though.. **** is full of it..
It gave me unrealistic expectations... You see, I learned my sensuality by myself..
I used to think something was wrong with my thighs when I'd flick my fingers a certain way.. Or when I'd grind against myself.. I taught myself what I liked.. **** taught me nothing. You see.. My thighs...They would constrict around my hand.. Grow slick with each ****** of my finger.. I'd add another and they'd shiver.. Good times.. I was experimenting then. Now I choose when I'd like to ***. Do I want it fast... Or perhaps slow.. Do I want to fantasize.. Do I want my mind completely blank.. So many options.. I like it best when I can take my time.. When I can close my eyes and really enjoy each stroke.. Each flick.. Every wet sound that echoes in the room.. I love it when I am gasping for air because of how intense I become with myself.. How careful.. I perfected pleasing myself.. You see.. I grip my thigh with my free hand just right.. I know just how to make my head tilt back when I play with my *******.. While I press a second finger inside.. **** yes.. I learned how to roll my hips the right way. To hit my spot with each ****** of my fingers.. Pausing ever so often.. I like it when my *** slides down my thighs and my face is flushed in completion but something inside eggs me to keep going.. But I can't... I've reached my peak for this evening.. My walls are clenched around my fingers and my thighs tighten around my hand once more, it feels so good... But I keep going until my vision is blinded and I feel nothing but bliss.. And one with the entire universe. **** didn't teach me how to handle my body when I think of you like this.. I did..
This rant came out of nowhere. I was frustrated my lover was watching such lewd things when I was always so faithful to my desires to him.
Brittany Datcher Mar 2018
Every Second, Every Minute, Every Hour

I desire only to relive the day you asked my hand, and every second... Every Minute... And every hour.. We spent together then after. You said it best, my love. I can get used to your hand squeezing mine, guiding me close to you... Crushing your lips to mine.. And quenching our immense thirst and zest for a life beside each other. Anniversaries have nothing on us, because I feel each time I see you is just as wonderful as the first time I saw you.

Every Second...

Every Minute...

Every Hour...

Every Day...

Every Week...

Every Month...

Each and Every Year...

To be forever entwined in your arms is my goal.

To always hold your hand like this..

To experience the same rush that came with our first kiss..
This is one of my favorite pieces. I wish I could revel in this love forever. It is so deep and the depth leaves me breathless.
Brittany Datcher Mar 2018
His body

Slowly my fingers traced patterns along his spine, water droplets creating my artistic lines, absolutely his skin made me marvel.. It was carved by the gods, effortlessly formed and created... His very presence makes me elated. My hands roam him as if I'm seeking the very reason to exist, I've come to the conclusion that my reason is for this.. To explore him, to adore him, to meet his gaze. To get lost in a love-filled haze.
Brittany Datcher Mar 2018
Dear best friend

Dear best friend, what I wouldn't give to have known you... To have cherished you for so much longer than I have now.. I wish I could have met you back before your kind soul experienced any anguish and loved you deeper than any pain you ever felt. I hope that you know that by walking into my life when you did, you've changed the way I've viewed my future for the better... Because now I see my future with you in it... With a laundry list of adventures and a thousand sweet hugs. I am glad that you found me when I became stronger than I ever realized I could have become, when I overcame heartache and stopped chasing after a picture perfect loved one.. I'm glad I met you in just the nick of time, because now I feel my own genuine happiness each time I smile.. All the tears of happiness slide down my face as I try to figure out how I'd lived without you this long, and now that I have you my best friend... I know through it all I can carry on. I love you more than I've ever loved anyone or anything, so hear my words carefully my best friend... My lover... My soulmate... My life... Thank you for all the happiness you bring into my life with your resonating light.
This is the way a person can make a move on your life. And then you're never the same.
Brittany Datcher Mar 2018
What you've done to me

I've felt it for a while now, a deep rooted longing to live again.. To thrive beside someone and revel in all the world has to offer.

You've done for me what I've never experienced before with anyone else, you've motivated me and supported me to be the best I can ever be and apologize for nothing. You've shown me that life is too short than be anything but glorious and to enjoy every second of it.

You've shown me that I can fall face first into utter emotion and that I don't have to be afraid of what is to come. That you'd catch me if I fell too deep.. It was okay to be strong.. Or vulnerable..

You have no clue what you've done to me.
You've made me realize that I don't have to be afraid of the future, and I can let go of the shadows of the past.. Sometimes life teaches valuable lessons... And I am glad that with you I took a chance.

When I found you it was everything I could've possibly asked for, your support has shown me that not only can I climb mountains.. But I can move them too.
As long as I have you by my side.... I feel there is nothing I cannot do.
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