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Alex Sidebottom Sep 2019
I look into your eyes
You look back at mine
I can feel it inside, the butterflies
It must be a sign

The feelings I have for you
I cannot put into words
If only you knew
My heart singing like birds.
Alex Sidebottom Feb 2019
Baby I'm an idiot
I know what I did was wrong
so to tell you how I feel
I wrote you a little song

I hope this message gets to you quick
I want us to be together
And I don't want to be a ****
I need you in my life forever

I want us to be right
I want us to be like we used to
I don't want to leave your sight
Because baby I really need you
Alex Sidebottom Jan 2019
You had my heart in your hands
You told me that I was yours
Playing with my emotional strands
But you did things behind closed doors

I stood and watched as you played me
Wishing each day that I could break free
You woke each day and said I love you
But you had a feeling that I knew

I asked you if you where a cheat
You said to me that I was wrong
But I knew for a fact you weren't so sweet
You called me back knowing my love was strong

I wish I'd just left and gone
But I came back and you said it wouldn't happen again
But you played me again like a pawn
And now you've left me feeling slain
Alex Sidebottom Jan 2019
Sometimes I sit here and wonder if I was wrong
But I always ask myself did we even belong?
Because there are things in the past that I wish I could know
Like was it even worth it?
Did you ever love me?
Or was it just a show?

My heart was in tatters
You where a ******* ****
But none of that matters
You didn't want it to work

Now I'm left to pick up the pieces
Everything I had has gone
But now I know what peace is
Because I've finally moved on.
Alex Sidebottom Jan 2019
I loved you
You didn't feel the same
You were acting like you did to
It was all a big game
Yet you continued to play
With the strings of my heart
And when I lay
With you, I was falling apart

I continued to see where things would end up
But nothing came from it
And in the end I saw it closeup
You where a lying *******!

— The End —